The salmon was good. Erik

The salmon was good. Erik and I watched ‘America’s Sexiest Bachelors’ and tried to discern the closet cases. You know if a guy wears YMLA or Body Body stretchy shirts he’s on the other side of the fence. Very interesting to notice the blatant meat-market motif. The questions they asked the guys were incredibly slanted towards objectification and treating the guys onlys as sex objects and nothing more. Nothing about world peace or abortion or capital punishment. And if the male hosts of Miss America acted that randy around the contestants there’d be an uproar. My favorite guys were Mr. Illinois and Mr. New Jersey. Can’t believe that meathead Mr. West Virginia won – what a bear. And there the talent they had to show off was dancing? Why not make them change a tire or move a refrigerator or clean a fish or something






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