The Right Hand Ring

The DeBeers diamond cartel, in an effort to relieve slagging sales announces the right-hand ring for women. This is like the sad story where a friend of a friend threw herself a ‘staying single shower’. Sometimes empowerment looks like an easy reach to shore up your self-esteem. I’m all for everbody decked out in a girl’s best friend – but is this just another manufacture trend that commodifies women’s lib to sell inflated baubles? But never ever trust the over-inflated, slavery-soaked diamonds of the DeBeers cartel.






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  1. TC Avatar

    Forget DeBeers. When Mandela dies the ANC is gonna go all “kill whitey” on their ass.

    I certainly hope that my fellow sisters are not dumb enough to fall for this right hand ring $$$$ gimmick … I mean, remove your rings ladies from your left hand and simply place them on your right hand … and viola … you now have right hand rings … Even yet, the rings you usually wear on your right hand can be easily placed on your left hand thus left hand rings … Stop the madness and save some dough!!!
    It’s just as bad as the past present future rings … which are just three stones … I had a past present future ring for almost 25 years and didn’t even know it as well as right hand rings to boot.

  2. Mike Stribrny Avatar
    Mike Stribrny

    Right hand rings are bullshit. I have to do an assignment on them for my marketing course and its sad that people will pay that much for a chunk of crap for their right hand finger.

    It’s funny because Debeers says “Your Left Hand Rocks The Cradle. Your Right Hand Rules the World” and “Your Left Hand Feeds the Family. Your Right Hand Takes the Cake”.

    Actually if these ad’s convey anything, its an anti-feminist message: Married women end up raising children – and the unity of marriage deprives them of their independence. Fuck, most of the sterile suits who can afford to spend US$1000+ on a stupid ring probably will never even have a family, adding to the irony of their independence.

    “Luxury is no longer about the thing,” claims Unity in its recent newsletter on the jewelry industry. “Luxury is about how one experiences it, the feelings and emotions it evokes, and the way it expresses one’s values and attitudes.”
    Once you cut through the emotive bullshit it basically says that women want to be able to show off their status by forking out a sum of money beyond the reach of most ordinary women.

    Then again, I guess you have to say that if a women is stupid enough to spend that much on a ring then they deserve they shafting Debeers gives them.

  3. AP Avatar

    I can see both sides to this story. I agree that forking out a thousand dollars for a woman to assert her independence is a bit extreme. I think however that the concept of a “right hand ring” is right on. Having suffered through hearing many coworkers exclaim about their $8000 engagement rings, their HUGE weddings and extravagant honeymoons has been enough to make me sick. Especially when I know that once they pay off those things, the majority of them will either be divorced or headed to the lawyers office shortly to file. Being more serious about marriage than many women I know, I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished while waiting on my turn to walk down the aisle and feel that a beautiful piece of jewelery is fitting for my accomplishments. A right hand ring for many women will bring confidence and comfort until a left hand ring is found.

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