The Red Pill Mindset

Describing the /r/redpill mindset:

“The redpill crowd is so interesting. People who have an easy time attracting sexual partners don’t have to focus their entire lives around strategies for getting laid, it’s that simple.

“RP represents a certain spectrum of unwanted males who respond to loneliness and rejection by attempting to mimick the alpha male ideal that they personally view as desirable. Like a harmless but deadly-looking false coral snake bedecked in bright red warning bands, they have decided that appearance is paramount.

“The fact that they have fixated on certain concepts that most adults don’t spend their time obsessing over: “cuck” and “alpha” and various heirarchies of male sexuality that evaporate for most men after puberty ends and comfort with ones own body and sexuality starts to fall into place with the validation that comes from other people’s interest is itself a handicap that prevents them from becoming normal human beings. They stop being individuals and become clones of some sex-pest master pattern.

“By becoming so single-mindedly obsessed with getting laid and appearing tough and desirable they become creepy caricatures of their “alpha” ideal. There is no talking sense into them, and there is no explaining to them that most women find their behavior abhorant and off-putting.

“You can’t explain that most other men view them as potential rapists, not guys we would want to hang out with. One can only hope that the majority of them find their way out of the lifestyle before they go on some murderous, mysogenistic rampage.

“So here we are, with a flock of like-minded man-children echo-chambering themselves to the point where they enthusiastically follow some frail bearded weirdo who appears to live on a futon as if he is Adonis.”

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