The Problem with CGI

“The other problem with CGI is that it’s too easy. Consider the original King Kong compared to the christawful 2005 remake. In the first film every frame of the ape required hours of labor working with delicate sets and models, which in turn required dozens of hours of work to make. It encouraged the filmmakers to use the titular creature sparingly. If it’s all digital, then why not have King Kong in every damn scene? Why not have him knock a few buildings down? Hell, it’s all just clicks on a mouse. Another example, of course, is the new-vs-old Star Wars trilogies. If you have to build an enormous Imperial Cruiser model, you’re probably going to shoot the scene with ONE Imperial Cruiser…because you don’t want to build a second one unless it’s absolutely necessary. So the original trilogy had a sense of economy. It was sparse. In the prequels, why have one ship when you could have…(*click click click*)…a hundred ships??? Isn’t that way better? See how much it improves the experience to jam as much blinking, exploding shit as humanly possible into the frame?”






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