The Passion of William Hung

Jimi Izrael analyzes the popularity of American Idol reject William Hung: (via Angry Asian Man

From the bookbag and pocket-protector to the bad haircut and the buckteeth, he looked like a plant, someone who dressed up to do this on a bet. Because that shtick is gonna be funny for about 30 more seconds before someone realizes how abhorrent it is to pimp on foreigners who have no clue about race politics. Hung’s celebrity is so cruel because we are laughing at someone who just doesn’t know that we are laughing at his lack of talent, at his lack of cultural sophistication, at his lack of English language skills, at his lack of common sense to know better.

I guess that’s a bit of my view. Yes, I laughed at his pathetic singing but at the same time wondered how stereotyped he was – how could someone be this much of the classic FOB?






5 responses to “The Passion of William Hung”

  1. Andy Avatar


    William Hung, Modern Day Minstrel Show

    Also stumbled onto McDonald’s

    thanks for the link-love, bro.

    Best, jimi

  2. jimi Avatar

    thanks for the link-love, bro.

    Best, jimi

  3. Andy Avatar

    Village Voice: Hung Out to Dry

  4. Mel Avatar

    get a grip!
    oh I forgot only white males over 40 can be viewed as funny or stupid.
    lets all be PC!
    stupid liberals.
    oh..I am sorry just the white liberals are stupid the rest of ya are just knowledge challenged!

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