The Party of Family Values

Some proposed new framing:

“So if Republicans are now the party of anger and hatred (and I think they are), what does that leave on the table for Democrats? I know we’ve tried the Unity and Togetherness and Love things, but frankly those are pretty cheesy and to a lot of people sound wimpy.

“I’d propose something else. The Party of Families. I would really like to see Dems start talking incessantly about families. It works so well on so many issues. Immigration? The GOP are trying to break up families. LGBTQ rights? The GOP are trying to invalidate our marriages and break up our families. Reproductive rights? The GOP want to legislate decisions that should be left to families about when and how often they should expand. Healthcare? The GOP wants to bankrupt your family if you get sick. Education? The GOP wants to defund public schools and put the burden back on working families to pay for education.

“I think the GOP have left ‘Family Values’ on the table and I think we need to pick it up. And make it deliberately an inclusive definition of family. Including all the complicated, modern ways that families form and grow. Including families of choice but not blood.

“I’d really like to see the GOP [get] hit on this. They are trying to destabilize our communities and our families and they need to be called on it.”

Discussion in context.






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