The Matrix: Reloaded (Recut)

If you use a filesharing program such as Kazaa or eMule you may want to take a gander at The Matrix Reloaded: Recut. A huge fan of the movie, obviously pissed about the crappy editing has tightened up the theatrical release as well as mixed in cut scenes from the video game – creating a much more coherent movie. Reminds me of Star Wars: The Phantom Edit. Corporations spend enough time choking us with their stories and myths and trying to desperately achieve ubiquity and mindshare – what’s more of a marker of that presence when someone is passionate enough about your work (or irked at the craftsmanship) to take it into their own hands to remake it in their own image. If you’re gonna rip off the Grimms Fairy tales all the time you can’t expect us to not rip right back.






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    Finished the recut version – I like it a lot and it really does tighten some sequences sorely needing some snip-snip. I do think that the inclusion of the scenes from the computer game are great because they really illustrate the tension between Niobe and whatshisname. And in the future, I doubt that audiences viewing the Matrix trilogy will consider checking out the computer game to get ‘the rest of the story’.

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