The Incredibles is Not About Ayn Rand Nor Objectivism

From a Metafilter commenter:

The “message” of [The Incredibles] was completely counter to objectivist thought. The whole idea of Objectivism is that those who are smarter should only work for themselves and keep all the wealth and ideas to themselves. But in the Incredibles the “good guys” are driven by altruistic desires, to help people. Those who want to use their abilities are prevented from doing so. Would Ayn Rand care? Hell no. Finally, the central villan … builds a mountain hideaway away from society that is keeping him down and preventing him from realizing his dream: of selling dangerous products to the masses. He’s the very ideal of an Objectivist Hero.  Objectivism is the naked lust for and celebration of power, selfishness, and the concentration of material wealth. If “lust for power” makes you a socialist then Ayn Rand would certainly qualify.

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