The Good News

Got measured at the gym today.

  • Body fat from 21% to 17%. That is with about a C+ commitment to diet but regular lifting/cardio over the last 45 days.
  • All measurements remains the same except for thighs. Thighs went from 17 inches to 19.5! He measured them four times to make sure. This is from doing squats three times a week, doubt. I have my dad’s legs and shoulders.
  • Lost 3 pounds – but that may be from not hydrating properly this morning.

All in all good news. 






4 responses to “The Good News”

  1. muscles Avatar

    Congrats. I’m sure you can do better than that C+, I know it’s hard living in the supersized states of america! BF looks good.

    I like meaty thighs so keep them!

  2. JB Avatar

    Is that how often you get measured? Every 45 days? I’m new to this measuring thing and I have no idea how often you should do it… I really need to get into it next year so I can get some idea of how well/badly I’m doing!

    Big thighs = lovely

  3. Andy Avatar

    I’m doing it every month to keep myself working towards something – moving towards the next weigh-in/measuring instead of ‘running away’ from the old measurements/self-image.

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