The Gnome Story

“Then one night when I was sleeping over because my parents were going to be out really late and wanted me to go sleep earlier, I had a plan. Since I had already been torturing him for about six months with the gnomes I gathered many from my adventures around the local flea market. Once he fell asleep I quietly entered his room and put all the gnomes I had around him there were dozens of them in his bed all lined around him and by his face. The next morning I am woken by the loudest and most blood curdling scream I ever heard. I run in there to see what happened as a result of the gnomes and he is sitting in the fetal position wrapped in his blankets repeating “No more gnomes. No more gnomes.” When his parents got in there they finally believed all he said about the gnomes, while I sat there trying to hold back my laughter. Fast Forward to when we were in high school. Since I stopped hiding the gnomes a few years back I was wondering if he was still frightened by them so I grabbed a few of them and headed into school. During our first class of the today I excused myself and opened up his locker (very easy to break into all you had to do was jiggle it a little bit) and on the shelf that was at eye level and placed them in a line on the shelf. Then after first block I am walking to my next class and I see him bolting from his locker to the nearest bathroom and he was sobbing for the next half hour until a teacher could convince him to come out and talk about it. He didn’t come to school for the rest of the week. Looking back on it I may have gone a little too far, but he tortured me for years before and after I started with the gnomes.”

When_Can_I_Attack comments on Reddit, what the best revenge you’ve ever gotten on someone?.





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