The Chicago migration continues –

The Chicago migration continues – Sara and Brian are moving up here. Sara in 6 weeks and Brian in January. Though we’re losing Matt which sucks totally – he’s going to teach at Indiana University. The deal fell through on mom and dad selling the house but they said they already have an interested buyer. Jessi and Alan move in to their place this weekend.

I’ve got a new peeve: people who only work eight hours a week bitching about how broke they are. Or I guess conspicuous poverty. I’m serious – if you only work three hours a day three days a week you’re gonna have no goddamn money. This of course launched into a contest to see who had the most poverty-stricken upbringing. I wish Matt was there – his family-of-four-in-one-room-on-food-stamps-and-welfare beats everyone. Or Monica can speak to that as well. I mean I can trot out the raised-by-two-teachers-with-one-staying-home-to-raise-the-kids-no-vacations-to-afford-music-lessons-and-Catholic-high-school scenario. When I was a kid all of our furniture was made out of boards bolted together with metal nuts and bolts – talk about cuts and scrapes. That and we had a coffeetable that Heather and I always rammed into it’s corners bruising and cutting our faces and shoulders. I will always remember Dan Savage’s remark on NPR that children are demise-seeking missiles – that they’re always looking for ways to destroy themselves. Hell, that sounds like some of my friends now.






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