The Bigots Are Back

Remember that post of the beefy muscular Chinese guy? Look at these comments:

im sorry but i just done like asian guys… no rascism its just that most are disabled/have glasses/hearing aids only some asian girls r nice but asian guys r the ugliest in the world again… no rascism

Saying racist statements and saying you’re not being racist doesn’t make you not racist.

It gets better. Read the rest.






3 responses to “The Bigots Are Back”

  1. myke Avatar

    he’s not from my state is he??

  2. Andy Avatar

    I queried his IP and his connection is out of Amsterdam.

  3. sven Avatar

    i love it when people say things like that. my favorite is when people say “i am a genuine person.”

    genuine people don’t have to say that. it just shows through their actions.

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