Thanks to the cutest boy

Thanks to the cutest boy blogging for all the hits! I’d emailed him how sexy it was that his cascading style sheets fonts are pixel based in sizing. I think that kind of attention to detail is so attractive. Yumm. People that use big words turn me on. I think because literacy and intellectuallity is so rare these days (or at least rarely exposed) that it is such a pleasure to encounter. At the same time I’ve grown to like guys assuming I’m just another dumb circuitboy dancing shirtless with sunglasses. It’s nice to be objectified from time to time.

Just had dinner and green tea with Richard. He’s trying to get me to go to Fireball – the big Valentine’s Day circuit event here in Chicago – he’s dancing in some kind of choreographed piece on Saturday. I really don’t want to go. I know as a theatre practitioner I should want to at least go and see things from a performance perspective but I just can’t spend $100 to dance for a few hours. I dunno. Besides I’m about to blow a major artistic wad in the next few weeks and I need to conserve my resources. It is terrible, but I’m still so attracted to Richard – he’s so handsome and cute and our times together were really hot when they were hot but a little strange when not. He also wants me to go to Big Gay Disney. Ick. Two of the (stereotypically) shallowest motifs and cultures colliding in one weekend. Wow. Sounds like a lot of Madonna and Mouse. I should just face that Richard is a Sanrio character waiting to happen. And he totally plays in to my weakness for asians.






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