Texans Gonna Texan

A Texans responds to the redneck stereotype:

“Texas produced Barbara Jordan and Ann Richards and Wendy Davis’ filibuster and Molly Ivins and we have a whole lot of Texans who want to breathe life into that tradition! My partner and my family were at that Muslim Solidarity rally–are they not Texan? Because my roomie has left the state only a few times in her goddamn life!

“Why the fuck do assholes like that get to stand out as being Southern? Why the fuck do you people think of Bull Connor when you think ‘Alabama’, and not MLK? Why is ‘rural white racist’ the stereotype you smug bastards reach for, when you think of half of America, and not the people pushing back?

“I live here too, asshole. When I march my ass down to the capitol as soon as I finish this experiment, that will be a Texan Texaning. Christ on a motherfucking crutch! We’re here too! Why the fuck won’t out-of-staters ever acknowledge that the resistance is part of the fabric and the history and identity of these states, not just the overlords?”

Full discussion in context.

Image from the documentary Ann Richards’ Texas.






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