Temple of McDonalds Opens in Chicago

Ronald McDonald obese.

Chicago’s newest manufactured landmark has opened featuring 60-foot golden arches to light the way for all penitent fatties to find their way to this house of gluttonous worship.

To celebrate, Ron and I ate at McDonald’s last night on Clark near Diversey. He made sure we were in front of a window poster that blocker passersby from seeing us stuffing our faces with lard-laden lickings. We’re probably the only people to ever read the nutritional information for the food – while eating it.

Your weekend reading:

The McDonaldization of Society. The best book I ever read in Sociology class.

Fast Food Nation. You won’t believe what’s in the meat.

And of course a viewing of Super Size Me.






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  1. David Avatar

    I’ve yet to view ‘Supersize Me’. It just seems to easy a target. Plus, I thought it might make sick.

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