Tell Congress to Join Conyers

BradBlog has an urgent appeal and resources to get people to call their Congress Critters to join Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan in challenging the Electoral Results in Ohio.

If just half of the people who read this blog every day take the time to call, fax or email U.S. Senators asking them to join Conyers’ challenge to the Electoral Results, the Senators will be drowning in calls, faxes and emails.

If you (and I do mean you) have been sitting on your hands hoping that things would get better…somehow…then you too are responsible for whatever it is this country (and world) may become as a result of your inaction.

If you hope to see a change in the results of a horribly tainted election, hope to see George W. Bush’s phony “mandate” and self-proclaimed “political capital” be exposed for the opportunistic fraud that it is, or hope to see real Election Reform in the future so that such questionable outcomes like the one we’ve seen in 2004 simply can no longer occur due to a reliable and transparent election system, then you must act NOW.

Here are a few things you can do today. We recommend you do as many of them as possible:

  • Call your Senator by phone at 1-800-839-5276 and demand that they join Conyers in objecting to Electors not seated by the Rule of Law!!
  • Email your Senators through True Majority and demand that they join Conyers in objecting to Electors not seated by the Rule of Law!
  • Email several Senators through Progressive Democrats of America and demand that they join Conyers in objecting to Electors not seated by the Rule of Law!
  • FAX a few Senators through Lightwing Arts swell Fax-o-matic!
  • Write your U.S. House Representatives and demand that they join Conyers in objecting to Electors not seated by the Rule of Law!
  • Attend the rally in D.C. on Jan 6th at 10am in Lafayette Park across from the White House.
  • Attend a vigil at John Kerry’s house in Boston. (through 1/5 only)
  • Watch this 24 minute film online, be outraged, and let others know about it!
  • Use the “Email it someone!” link at the bottom of this blog item to send this info to everybody you know!
  • As they say on TV…Act NOW! And as if your democracy depended on it! You have but one full day left to take advantage of this great offer! Don’t delay! Start clicking! Start dialing!

    Make noise. It does make a difference!

    To do:

    Call Dick Durbin. (202) 224-2152. The lady knew exactly what I was talking about.

    Call Barrack Obama. (202) 224-2854. Line was busy.

    Don’t know your Senator’s contact info? Go to

    Call Rahm Emmanuel. 202-225-4061.

    Don’t know your Rep?

    In California? Boxer’s said she’ll join in if enough people call.

    For what it’s worth – yes, I do wish that the results would reversed – no, I don’t think it’ll happen – but yes yes yes yes if you believe in democracy and due process and the guaranteed rights of everyone to vote in this country – you need to get off your ass and pick up the phone. Or stay on your ass and just reach over and pick up the phone. Or use a conference call and keep laying down. Or call over Sly Snoodles to help you.






    3 responses to “Tell Congress to Join Conyers”

    1. AL Avatar

      Im with you – Im gonna make the call – I found your website while searching for apts and info on Chicago – I enjoy it – Thanks!!!!!

    2. Paulie Sabol Avatar

      Thank you for this public service.

      I took action and used some of the automatic processes to make activism easy!

      PS Andy, if you get a chance please take up the challenge on my January 5 Blog.

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