I’m on the second DVD of Taken, the Steven Spielberg-produced miniseries that was on the Sci-Fi channel a few seasons ago. It’s really not that great. There’s just not enough icky-alien stuff going on. The entire cast is a white-wash – its like a Norman Rockwell painting. Everybody’s clean-cut and fresh-faced. The men are solemn, the women suffer and all the kids fell out of a Gap ad. It’s also really really soapy. I guess that’s what I don’t like. It’s too much of a real miniseries. I want more X-Files. I want more dark rooms with things about to eat me. I’ll post udpates here as I work my way through the series. Not enough suspense.

Spielberg is more of a brand here in this show – much like all of the ‘Executive Produced by…’ stuff that he schlepped in the 1980s – like Amazing Stories or Batteries Not Included. The real heavy lifting is from Leslie Bohem who’s filmography includes Nightmare on Elm Street 5 all the way to Dante’s Peak. His dad evidently helped in the connections department.


Finally! A surgery scene – thank God for some blood and gore and alien nanobots.


Cold blooded violence against spouses. Nice trauma.






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