I am considering getting a second air conditioner for the bedroom. I’ve even experimented with having the A/C on in the main room and then the two box fans in the bedroom window blowing out and it isn’t moving the cool air into the bedroom. Maybe the building just doesn’t cool down easily.






3 responses to “Swelter”

  1. Jake Avatar

    well, with a hot one like you and ron inside, it may never happen!

  2. Terrance Avatar

    Oh, c’mon. You’re in Chicago. How hot can it be? Wanna talk about hot and humid? Come hang with us in D.C. this summer. You’ll be glad to get back to Chi-town. 😉

  3. Jonah Avatar

    I know the feeling man… it was hotter than hell today in Hawai’i and unfortunately, my window a/c unit sucks ass and basically just blows the air around. Sometimes I wish I lived in a new house with central a/c 😉

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