Swan Season Three Cancelled

This is bad news. FOX didn’t pick up The Swan for a third season. I only hope the girls weren’t halfway through their transformations…

Never again will I cheer in glee at the dentist announcing:







3 responses to “Swan Season Three Cancelled”

  1. Danny Avatar

    For what reasons did the Swan 3 get cancelled? Why did fox cancel it? It was a great show to watch. But would they put it back for next year or?

  2. Danny Morales Avatar
    Danny Morales

    why didn’t they pick up season 3 of The Swan?
    It was a big hit for people to watch, you got alot of ratings. I don’t think they cancelled it. I think they say that so they can see how much MORE ratings they would get so that they can put it back on.
    I seriously hope that fox doesn’t cancel it.

  3. Terri Avatar

    thats so stupid!! i no its based in america and i live in the Uk and i no loads of ppl that loved it! i want to no if its comin back???

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