sunday, may 27

It is now 3:56. Went to Circuit. Hadn’t been out dancing in quite a while. The place wasn’t as packed as always, probably due to the all-day rain. Danced with a couple of Colombians and that was about it. Between that and Eric’s party which was largely en espanol, I really need to learn me some Spanish. Moved Brigitte all day. I swear that is the last time we move those goddamn bookcases. Next time she either hires movers or we set the bookcases on fire. Karen and I went to Hi-Volt’s production of Consumed by Poe, a play bringing together seven of Edgar’s stories – it was pretty good – would have liked even more overlapping of the stories and have them echo eachother more – like when they take down the wall to discover the wife’s body in The Black Cat at the same time Fortunato is being bricked up in The Cask of Amontillado. I still remember what a strong impact Poe had on me early on. Somehow I convinced mom to buy me this little 4 inch square anthology. I remember the first time I read The Tell-Tale Heart or Cask. Those stories scared the shit out of me and they still creep me out.

Extreme thanks to Cupcake for emailing me and telling me that the quote from 5/24 was from Raising Arizona. Even found a .wav file now for it!

Am I the only person that thinks that Aguilera in the ‘Lady Marmalade’ video looks like Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider? I mean I’m all for everybody dressing up like trashy whores but I never liked the original song anyway and was surprised that Missy Elliot allowed the girls to be so goddamn indulgent with the song. I think Whitney Houston is to blame for the lack of discernible notes in vocals today. Vocal jazzing off the melody is earned after singing at least one verse at the way it was composed so then you have some place to go. It reminds me of high school choir where there is always the girl that sings the year’s Disney/Celine/Whitney/Christina ballad and copies the exact indulgences of the self-proclaimed ‘divas’ – even going so far as to bring the microphone closer and farther to copy the volume dynamic in the song – this is also done with much trembling lip action when if they knew jack-shit about their pipes they’d know vibrato starts in the vocal tract and moving your lips minutely don’t do it.

I bought Missy Elliot’s Miss E… So Addictive. I like her style and the songs are starting to grow on me. Not sure if I can actually fit the word ‘crunk’ into my common parlance – never was able to migrate ‘dank’ into my vernacular. Of course I love ‘Get Ya Freak On’ and ‘Lick Shots’… one of her songs is a bolero too.






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