sunday, march 25

What a wonderful weekend. Sisters are wonderful things. Heather flew in Friday night as I was wrapping up a photo shoot (I’m gonna be in an indoor display for a major label bourbon come Christmas!!). We had dinner at Angelina’s and the dessert fucking rocked. Then we went to the plays and she really really enjoyed them – I’m glad she did – that’s important to me… then we went to Le Colonial and had two martinis each. Then we went to Spin and had another round of cocktails and watched the shower contest. Then we ended up dancing at Roscoe’s till 1:30 after another round. Richard was there and Heather agreed he was quite a hot piece of ass but not worth the drama. We got home around 2 and fell into bed and futon. It was good to have a little chemical obliteration – the two crazy drunk siblings dancing their collective ass off. Woke up around 11:30 and were back out on the town at 1 for breakfast at Le Creperie – the chocolate crepe is heaven made food. Then down to Michigan Ave for some shoppin’ and then back to see the plays again. We had dinner at Heaven on Seven – major big yumm. Then we came home and started to watch the Exorcist but realized we were too tired to stay awake and if we kept watching it we’d be too scared to go to sleep. I think today we just want to eat lots of fruit and salad and let our bodies filter out the weekend’s revels.

My photo shoot went well. I was really really nervous but it was really no big deal. It was the first time I’ve met my doppelgangers… actors are always saying how when they go to photo and video shoots that it is a room of their clones and sure enough there were six of us and two of each kind: tall ladies man, alternative looking guy and then this guy Roger and I were the short dark haired guys.

RE: Cojones mentioned below. Things are going to turn out fine. As I keep telling myself – it is good to get in the habit of TCB at this level so when there is a lot more at stake I’ll be better equipped.






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