sunday, june 24

Just got in from the day’s revels. Met the crew at Matt and Brian’s – half of us went to Ann Sather and then watched the parade. I then visited Eric’s place and a guy was there that has had a crush on me for the longest time. He finally confessed it in a drunken conversation a few months ago – he wanted to ‘break me’. The highlight of my day was him rubbing up against me chanting ‘I want the cookies! I want the cookies!’ So much for innuendo. Stayed at Eric’s and drank till about 8pm and then went to Circuit for an hour or so and then Roscoe’s. Ended up booty dancing with Eric’s friend Ventura and his cousin Humberto – they’re awfully close to be cousins. They made an Andy-sandwich at one point. As they say in Ferris Bueller – ‘oh so they’re that kind of family.’

Had a good time last night. Was supposed to meet Xxxx at Sidetrack but when I saw the line that was a block long I knew he didn’t have the patience to wait there. So I called him and he was at home with some friends so I walked to his apartment past Circuit which had a similar line at midnight. Got to Xxxx’s and he warned me that they were snorting coke and smoking pot. Big schmeal. I turned down the coke – my allergies are bad enough already with out shoving shit up there. Didn’t hit the pot either. Maybe it’s because I haven’t indulged in drugs that I find them so boring. What always makes me laugh is how casual drug use in real life is compared to the media’s portrayal of peer pressure and background soundtrack a la Traffic. We’re bored. We shop. We roll. We toke. We drink. We fuck. Stayed there for about an hour and a half. Then left to wait in line at Circuit. Matt was coming home from bowling so he waited in line with me and then went on home. Circuit was packed but not impossible. I just love the mix they have there. So tribal. Immediately went to the washroom line to take care of business and then got out on the dance floor. Danced for about an hour and a half and then walked home with S____ and then got a taxi from there. Ran into Rafael before I left and asked him if he’d seen CuntBastard and he said no and I intimated there was a very very long story behind all of that. Got home as the sun came up at 5 and then went to bed. Going to Matt’s to watch the parade go by.

Matt’s dad’s celebrate 25 years of couplehood in a few weeks.

That’s amazing.

from The Portable Coach: (I’m on a self-help binge lately)

For those who are too caught up in their lifestyles, other people take on the quality of being extras, bit players in the movie that is their life. It’s important to amake a distinction – who is an asset and who is just an adjunct – becuase ssallow reltionhips tend to be high maintennance either in money, time or both. I’m just suggesting that you identify who in your life adds joy and energy versus who merely supports, entertains or assists you.

Chew on that.






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