On the bus this morning there was an advertisement with no brand or company. Simply black type on white cardstock saying:


Shit like that makes me love living in this city.

I had an audition last week for a Hanes Underwear commercial – no call yet so I’m assuming they went with some other guys. But it was nice to audition – I hadn’t done one in long long time. I have one on Friday for the Army. I’m supposed to wear workout clothes and be all athletic. That means I have to workout before hand so I’m all pumped up (insert Hans and Franz shtcik here). Work is getting slightly calmer lately as we slowly whittle down this major technical isue that is derailing the entire corporate training initiative. One chick in a business unit went nuts and started emailing the higher-ups saying that we hadn’t tested the course and hadn’t done a pilot and blah blah blah. The problem is that the pilot audience was not told they were a pilot and to expect difficulties and you don’t make a state-mandated compliance course a pilot, diba? Plus, they didn’t properly define the pilot audience (they wouldn’t! Who is your course for – um, everybody, um). Then you’ve got regional learning consultants going ape-shit – actually just 2 are. The rest have no idea there is a problem. Then tere is the email we sent out and then retracted the very next day – seems to me this is where the shit started. And not everybody on our side is being communicated to whenever anything happens. What a crap-fest. But the smug delight of Mark and I as yes, we were right, yes we were, it was/is/and will probably be next time – operator error, user fatigue, ignorant users… whatever you want to call it. And poor course design – these e-courses cost upwards of $100,000 each and they didn’t do interface testing with them? CHRIST. It blows my little Indiana mind.

Got two more calls on my creativity workshops and scheduled two more free teleclasses. And then this guy calls from the LA Chapter of COachU and would I be interested in doing a teleclass with them about getting a website together since someone heard me on another call and marveled at how informal and humorous I was and that I (get this) ‘could be a breath of fresh air to the coaching community.’ I immediately pressed ‘1’ on the voicemail to hear that one again.

Last night the show has it’s gala opening – we had some very good reviews so far – very exciting. Karen’s play – the serial drama – opens tonight. Please please please let us break even so we can do my play in late winter. Please!

Of course no call from the goddamn doctor’s office about my bone scan I had on Monday. Kiss my ass. I gotta razz the nurse this morning. Red hot Chili Peppers ‘Give It Away’ always puts everything back in perspective: “What I got I gotta give it to your mama, What I got I gotta give it to your poppa, What I got I gotta give it toyour dog and then you do a little dance and then you drink a little water. Love is free, love me say hell yes. Drinika my juice, chug love, chug-a-lug me.” I can’t wait to cut my hours at work – it’s gonna be wonderful!






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