Students Plagiarize Honor Code

(via Madconomist)

Their goal was an honor code that discouraged cheating and plagiarizing. However, the wording in a draft by students at the University of Texas at San Antonio appears to match another school’s code – without proper attribution. The student currently in charge of the honor code project said it was an oversight, but cheating experts say it illustrates a sloppiness among Internet-era students who don’t know how to cite sources properly and think of their computers as cut-and-paste machines. "That’s the consequence of the Internet and the availability of things," said Daniel Wueste, director of the Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University. "It doesn’t feel like what would be in a book. You Google it and here it comes."

Yes by all means, hide away the information before those proles get a hold of it and wipe their ass with the Library of Alexandria.






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  1. Becca Avatar

    It’s be helpful if kids were -taught- how to cite sources in the internet era; I’ve worked with clients who, for example, are working on research for (graduate) school, and no one (I mean faculty, maybe there are librarians who know better..)seems to know how they should cite online sources like forums. For what it’s worth.

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