Strength in Numbers

“The goal (or one of the main ones, I think) of [Occupy Wall Street] is to reestablish citizens as the directors of their social contract by showing their strength in numbers. Bloomberg, and all of his cronies, want very much to stay in control of our government because they like making piles of cash by selling America out instead of working. They especially like their ability to walk away scott free because they know who to call. Worldwide, people are saying that no aristocracy gets to tell us that we can’t afford health care, or an education, or a decent living wage, or time to spend improving ourselves, or being with our family. We get to decide that through our government. Hiding behind invented notions of a person’s right to be obscenely wealthy — even if they have stolen that wealth through legalized theft and continue to abuse their power to grab more — isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

Commenter on MetaFilter






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