Strange Days

Angela Basset as Mace in Strange DaysI hadn’t seen this movie in a long time. I remember watching it and feeling it was one of the most misogynistc movies I’d ever seen – right down to the first-person view of a rape and strangulation. But it’s directed by a woman – can a woman direct a misogynist film? Or does gender excuse commentary or am I just grafting my own lens onto the whole viewing. Surely… but then again it’s co-written by James Cameron who gave us Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor. It’s a very strange and curious film and has some sharp acting from Angela Bassett. And some great monologues: ‘This is a lightning bolt from God. Bigger than you. Bigger than me. And it is not for your use as currency.’ WOW. You gotta love a film where someone throws Ralph Fiennes against a wall and tells him what’s up. I think I might be starting an Angela Bassett film fest this week… What’s Love Got to Do With It, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Malcom X (she’s played Betty Shabazz in two different movies!).






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  1. Jay Avatar

    what makes the film mysoginistic? i haven’t seen it, but i’d hope that just a generally negative view of females wouldn’t make it so…

    It is sort of schizo. All the female characters in the movie, save Angela Bassett are whores or drug-users. Then again, the men are all either wusses or bullies. Maybe it’s just misanthropic.

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