Still alive.

Yes – I’m still alive – I know I haven’t updated in over a week! The conference I’m going to in Orlando next week said they’d include a demo CD of my blogging class if I brought enough copies so I’ve got a CD factory in the apartment. Only 50 more to go! Burn baby burn!






8 responses to “Still alive.”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Shit: I wish!

  2.  Avatar

    I think Andy finalized his fuckable baking dough and is never coming back.

  3. Jef Avatar

    Break a leg, Andy!

  4. Jef Avatar

    I wish you would write more posts about naming genital warts again. That was fun!

  5. Matthew Avatar

    Welcome back sexy !

  6. J.Scott Barnard Avatar

    Just, be wary if someone tries to talk you into riding Mission Space at Universal Studios! –s

  7. th0m Avatar

    welcome back, Kotter

  8. sam Avatar

    I was going to email you to tell you that your readers are showing signs of withdrawal… but now I don’t have to 😉