Steve Gillard on Chickenhawks

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Unless you’re disabled, you have no fucking right encouraging others to die in your stead. If you weren’t cowards, you’d be in the military, not whining about Kosovo or some other bullshit. The Army’s recruiting isn’t getting any better, and they need YOU. Not the kid from Wal Mart, not the ROTC grad. They need war supporters to take this seriously and walk away from their lives to serve their country directly.

But that won’t happen. Because they are cowards. They hide behind the bravery of others and use it as a shield to deflect criticism. “Why if you attack my views, you don’t support the soldiers.”

My reply to that is “fuck you, gutless bitch.” I’ve never heard a soldier run behind civilians to defend the war, so why are you hiding behind them.






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  1. Sam Avatar

    Can I get a witness?! Hallelujah!

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