[st] ? [?t]

I am here to tell you tonight that

  1. storms is not pronounced shtorms
  2. strength is not prononuced shtrayngth
  3. strap is not prononuced shtrap and
  4. straight is not prononuced shtrayt

I don’t understand why newcasters continue on weakening their vocal delivery
with such gross inaccuracies. I thought they were taught the General
American dialect
– which aims to reduce recognizable regional and cultural
accents to keep the listener focused on the words being spoken instead of the
context of the speaker. It makes me wince everytime I hear the happy talk newscasters
here in Chicago let lose with another round of shitty diction. You sound sloppy
and dumb. Yes, Danielle Serino – I’m sure you are destined for greater journalistic
wonders than Scotch tape push-up bras – but can you fuse that spunky persona
with a little less Midwestern-ness.

That goes for newscasters that keep a ball of phlegm in their throats during
delivery – Ol’
Man Weather
on Fox, I’m looking at you. As well as throwback
– Middle-Age Man Weather on Fox, I’m looking at you.
, you can stay, you temptress of meteorology.






2 responses to “[st] ? [?t]”

  1. Danielle Serino Avatar
    Danielle Serino

    My dearest Andy:

    I don’t know whether to slap you silly or thank my voice coach. I’m about as Midwestern as Joe Torre and Donald Trump. I am a born and raised New Yawker darlin’.

    p.s. those “scotch tape” push up bras are fab.

  2. Pete Avatar

    Everything about Danielle works for me. yowzas!!! She’s the only reason to watch Fox News.

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