Spring cleaning through my stacks

Spring cleaning through my stacks and stacks of pages torn out of magazines – here’s a little braindump for the record:

“I believe we were born with a mouth to do more than just suck, spit, and whistle.” – Ralph Steadman in Living Marxism 11/98

“In many ways the media today makes dictatorship impossible. But it also makes democracy intolerable.” – Shimon Peres in New Perspectives Quarterly Fall 1998

“Naming it ‘God’ is alread a problem. Giving this problematic God a gender is adding an absurdity that is unconscionable. Yet we are so accustomed to the idea of a male deity that we perpetuate it in our language, say it in our prayers, teach it to our children, see it in our art, hear it in our poetry, and expect it in our essential myths. This results in enormous pain each time we encounter the suffering of the world, so that we ask, ‘What kind of God is it that would do such a thing?’” Rabbi David A. Cooper in The Quest Winter 1998

The Mind Control Myth

Street Brawl in the Twilight Zone

“[It] pisses me off when people get all excited about Xena the Warrior Princess… The media… confuse feminist action with pictures of scantily clad women who have weapons in their hands or are doing karate kicks…. I guess some people think these images are feminist because they give women positive role models. But I think role models are stupid; it’s just naother hierarchy, just another way for capitalism to keep us looking up at impossible images, instead of looking at ourselves, our neighbors or our friends…. How is anything gonna change if we’re all at home watching Buffy?” – Kathleen Hanna, former lead singer of Bikini Kill in Bust Spring 1999

“AIDS is managed at a low level, and it’s not a national priority…. If a bomb… kills 10 people, it becomes a national emergency. Sixteen thousand people [worldwide] are doomed to die each die from HIV infection…. That’s a Madison Square Garden full of people dying each day, or several hundred jumbo jets crashing every 24 hours. Why [we] don’t have greater national leadership is beyond me.” – David Ho, AIDS researcher in Rolling Stone 4/29/1999

How I Got my D.I.Y. Degree at the University of Planet Earth

The Hidden Power of Houseplants

The Loose Canon: 150 Great Works to Set Your Imagination On Fire

“You know, the feminists really tire me, they really bore me to death. Especially my generation. I can relate to it if you’re talking about my mother’s age or my grandmother’s age and they’re still angry and upset…. For women to stand up and say, ‘It’s just not the same, men get all the chances, it’s so hard to be a woman today,’ they’re basically dissing all the women in the century who have fought…. The cage has been opened, and what you’re got to do… is walk out of it.” – Bjork in Bust Fall/Winter 1996

The Road Frequently Traveled

“Real creativity is life-altering. It threatens the status quo; it makes us see things differently.” – Madelein L’Engle in Fast Company

Boooorrriinngg!:Philippe Gaulier uses theatrical techniques in order to help would-be leaders find their inner clowns.

Living Dangerously by Harriet Rubin

Here’s a sneaky way of getting people to reveal their true passion. Have them make a list of two things that they most want to do. Then have them cross off the item that they listed first. I once read that on any list of two things, the item that you place first is the one that you mention because you think that it makes you look good to others — it’s the one that you list for them. The item that you place second is your true passion — the one that you want to do for you.






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