Something Bloomed


I clicked the wrong button and just lost my post.

Anyway – something is blooming and I’m sneezing up a storm. Cleaned out the hard drive – Half Life 2 was taking 5GB and I can’t even play it because I have a weenie graphics card.

Shopping around for podcast hardware over at Podcastrigs. Made a preliminary trip to Guitar Center but the mixers they had were too expensive.

Ron is bouncing back and forth across the country. He is on reserve this month which means he only knows when he might be working – not where he’s going. He should get in tomorrow night at midnight.

Took a long long nap today after I did some work at the coffeeshop. Tried to get a jump start on the week and do some client work. Kitty slept right next to me. Usually we stare eachother down as our eyelids get heavier and we are both asleep.

On my 3rd try in ripping this audio tape to digital. I’m gonna try it in 15 minute chunks this time. The memory warnings keep popping up.

I’ve been working on a WordPress plugin the past few days too. Just a fun little puzzle. Need to figure out how to finish it.






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