Somebody Call the Wahmbulance for the Movie Industry

I have about as much faith in the movie industry to revitalize itself as I do in the new Greyhound commercials about how they’ve changed everything (except for their actual passengers).

Toby Emmerich – head of production at New Line – went to see a movie among the groundlings – actually in the theatre:

I love seeing a movie with a big crowd. But I had no idea how many obnoxious ads I’d have to endure — it really drove me crazy. After sitting through about 15 minutes of ads, I turned to my wife and said, ‘Maybe we should’ve gone to Jim Carrey’s house after all.’

What a dickhead. I hope he is surrounded by ringing phones, open-mouth popcorn eaters and sticky mouthed screaming moppets.

Barry breaks it down:

Short term increases in profitability in exchange for alienating your core audience, who eventually seek out a more enjoyable substitute. Quite frankly, I’m astonished the film industry has (contractually) allowed theatre owners to degrade their copyright protected product by diminishing the experience so dramatically. 






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