Social Security Debate

One of the best parts of the weekend was actually going through the social security debate by the numbers – grabbing the stats off the SSA site and walking through them together with both a conservative mathematician and a liberal one. There’s so many nuances to the debate that go so far past Am I a Crisis Or Not? I need to try and replicate the logic myself and do more research on seeing if the trust fund exists and/or is accountable in the final tally. Regardless – we’re royally screwed and I know that there will be no raising the cap on the $90,000 taxable limit. I mean, don’t you think that is sort of ridiculous that if you make $300,000 a year that only $90,000 of that is considered in your Social Security calculations? Wouldn’t that be the easiest way to fix things? Otherwise you have to create entire new administrative functions for whatever stuff the White House dreams up.

Go ahead – scream wealth redistribution and call me a socialist. Go ahead.

When are we going to have poverty redistribution?






2 responses to “Social Security Debate”

  1. KipEsquire Avatar

    “When are we going to have poverty redistribution?”

    When everyone is equally lazy and incompetent.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Oh we’ll get there. Don’t worry.

    Kidding aside, what about cases where people aren’t poor because they are lazy or incompetent?

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