Sneezy Stinky Kitty

The kitty had started sneezing last night every once in awhile and the vets at the shelter had said that sometimes the cats get sick easily since they have so many animals coming in and out of the kennel areas. I didn’t worry until this morning when he started sneezing more regularly. Poor guy.

Also he had this smell that I wasn’t sure what it was. I’m going to give too much information so if you can’t handle kitty medical talk then it’s best you skip the rest of this entry.

My cat’s ass stank. I’d wiped it with toilet paper and didn’t see any visible signs of infection but looked online and cat owner sites said that if his butt appears reddish or swollen that it’s best to take him to a vet.

Luckily, the vet is a five minute walk away and they only take walk-in appointments.

You know how in Aliens, Burke leans towards the facehuggers in cased in the plastic tubes and then one of them jumps at him but is stopped by the glass? That’s how kitty reacted when he saw a dog at close range. He charged the mutt but was safely contained in the kitty carrier I had to go out and get before taking him to the vet.

Meanwhile, all the staff are making googly eyes at kitty because he’s just so adorable. I was waiting for one of them to call him schmoopsy. And I think they were slightly appalled I hadn’t named the cat yet.

The vet received us and listened to his little heart and said his little lungs were clear (he hadn’t been sneezing messily – though he did start that once we got home). She gave him a shot of B-complex vitamins and a antibiotic with me administering anti-biotic drops at home over the next week and a half. He jumped about three feet when the shots came and told the vet to go to hell.

She inspected his rear and said it looked like his anal glands weren’t discharging.

Online research brought up that usually cats discharge their anal glands when they are excreting but sometimes with kittens their butt-muscles aren’t strong enough yet – or their stool isn’t firm enough to push against the glands to discharge the smelly mess. If the problem persists the gland can be removed. The glands are the same stuff cats use to mark their territory. She ‘expressed’ his glands which amounts to squeezing on the outside of his butthole until the glands discharged onto a tissue.

Vet said he may grow out of this in about six months or he may never but if it gets bad I can bring him back or she can teach me how to squeeze my cat’s asshole until it explodes.

So yeah – minor annoyances and adventures. He’s still a handsome doll of a cat and I love him dearly. Just gotta keep his ass out of my face when I’m trying to sleep.

That or kitty needs more fiber. I swear, he didn’t touch his spinach salad at all today. I thought he’d like ranch.






23 responses to “Sneezy Stinky Kitty”

  1. philtre Avatar

    Man, i’m sorry but that’s just hillarious! On so many levels, even.

  2. sam Avatar

    That’s gross. But dogs are the same way. Ever seen a dog trying to drag/wipe his ass across the ground? He’s trying to squeeze the stinky out of his anal gland thingies.

    Now I’ll do a lot of things for my dogs… but I will NOT manually discharge his stink bags.

  3. Tim one Avatar

    Hey Andy,

    Noname is adorable. Tim two told Brigette to arrange a play date and invite us along so we can met Noname and play with him.

    My cat Oscar has gotten so fat, he can’t lick his own butt anymore and tries to drag his ass against the floor to clean it. Not a site I like to see.

    Tim one

  4. Alan Avatar

    Wow…I am SO glad our cats don’t have that problem. Fortunately The Boy deals with all of the things that come out of the kitties, I just deal with things that go in them…and petting.

  5. kc Avatar

    Awww, bwess his widdle heart. And yours. 😉

    My cat had that problem once when he was younger. I took him to the vet, she did the, uh, anal gland thingie, and it never recurred.

  6. Brooks Avatar

    I’m with “Tim one”. I like the name “Noname”.

  7. mark Avatar

    I think you should just go ahead and name him Schmoopsy.

    I still can’t stop laughing out your vet teaching you to squeeze your cats ass until it explodes. LOL

  8. Jake Avatar

    I hope when the cat’s ass exploded it at least made a cool sound. You know: like a trumpet or bagpipes or something. That would be cool.

  9. Andy Avatar

    It was surprisingly similar to Britney Spears when she tries to belt.

  10. palochi Avatar

    “Toxic” or “Slave?”

  11. Andy Avatar


  12. Anal Gland Avatar
    Anal Gland

    I am laughing my ass off… I kind of want to squeeze my own private Anal gland. And if you’re reading this then you to can’t get that Sweet Analey glandy smell off your hands either! poof-

  13. Shawn Avatar

    Dude, I just searched online for “cat ass foul smell” and I got this site. You are so right, this is what my cat has and he always likes to fan his ass my way to advertise it. It’s nasty. I may need to bring him to the vet to do the squeeze-bag. I don’t have the nuts to do it myself.

  14. sarah Avatar

    why would you seacr for “cat ass foul smell”???? that jast sounds really waired

  15. Liza Avatar

    Wow, my cat has butt-stink too !! I was searching online to find out why? And I found it!!!
    Thanks!!!!!! Liza

  16. Kat Avatar

    This is so disgusting, sort of funny, and disturbing! I just serached google for “stinky cat ass’ because my 10 month old kitty Monkeybear’s ass is forever stinky. I wipe it with baby wipes sometimes and she is forever sticking her ass in my face, sitting on my pillow, and I love her to death but its so stinky!!! How can you tell if her ass needs to be popped? Yuck! Oh man I hope this doesn’t last forever. Her sweet brother is always sweet smelling. Ugh.

  17. Hugo Avatar

    This is histerical!!! I can’t stop laughing..My co-worker just mentioned her dog got popped in the but and I started laughing about 45 minutes ago and I haven’t stopped still. My sides are hurting!!!!There must be something wrong with me…I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying…Please GOD make me stop! This has to be the cure for accute depresion…

  18. Nial Avatar

    Thank you very much! It’s hard to come up with a good search query for “holy shit my cat has a smelly ass no matter how much I clean it,” but apparently “stinky cat butt” did it this time. I thought it was a hilarious overstatement when you talked about exploding assholes, but I should have listened because there was a definite eruption… WOW!

  19. Taylor Avatar

    Wow, was that entry–and the comments–ever hilarious! It is a hard search query…and it sucks that the only method to remedy a smelly cat butt is to express it yourself. Let me tell you, my kitty likes it no more than I do, but the vet charges me like $20/visit when I have her do it.

  20. tiffany Avatar

    LOL this is so funny, because my 9mo old bengal
    continues to fan her ass in my face, and she has the anal gland excretion also. I be like get her out of here! I love her silly ass, but not her stinky ass.i took her to the vet and they said she would grow out of it. this weekend, im going for the BIG squeeze myself! lol

  21. Pat Avatar

    “Cats stinky ass” got me to this web site. My little guy Jasper has a thing about his ass in my face. He is the cutest kitty, but DAMN. Poor little guy…he licks his ass and then his face smells like ass too. The wife even tried giving him a bath. Oh boy, did he love that. NOT! I may take the monetary hit from the vet, because these hands shall not touch Jaspers ass. He’s just 1 year old. Hope he grows out of it real soon.

  22. Denise Avatar

    Gee, I found your site by searching stinky cat butt. I thought I wouldn’t find anything, ha, I should have known.
    My youngest cat Wu Tang, the cat of a thousand personalities, has the stinkiest poo I have ever had the displeasure to smell. I have to instantly scoop the litter box. I can smell her bottom when she comes by the chair I sit in. I have tried all of the cat foods on the market, various meds and the vet has no clue. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to stop the poo stink? It makes me gag and my eyes water. And I used to be an EMT, so you know its bad. I’ll try the gland thing , but stopping the poo stink would be wonderful. Denise

  23. Annie Avatar

    hahhahah, I got this site by searching ‘skinky cat ass’ too. Guess I’m not alone in my search for the mysteries of why our cats have skinky bums!! My cat’s bum stinks so bad, and its so sad because he’s the sweetest cat in the world! He is a little over a year old and I thought the smell would go away once he was fixed, but its still there. I will definatly bring him to the vet to see what they say, and if they will save my nose!!

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