Sly Stallone to Slog Through Rambo 4

T and I were just talking about militarist utopia yesterday.

Holy Christ – it is the 80s all over again.


Rambo coming out of retirement.

Why don’t we just bring back the Rubik’s cube?







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    paras skye

    the new rambo film is exactly what stallone needs for his own personal evolution stallone thename means sta all one / sta alone .

    thus the hollywood lifestyle suits stallones physical karma in this lifetime but in reality the true soul nature of stallone is the super human warrior which is what you see in rambo and rocky ,

    the true super hero of this world naturally is that person who has transcended their lower self and gone through and beyond themselves into a new world which is the age of aquarius , the new film company which stallone is working with nu image says everything about stallones portrayl of rambo of having a new life with personal responsibility .

    stallone is on the verge of a jupiter transit at 60 yrs which will expand him into mega stardom and the universe , thus this film will put stallone back on top of himself which will allow stallones true self and true ego to manifest which is his warrior nature.

    all the demigods become rich and famous when they come to earth from the upper planetary systems above earth

    in a lot of ways this is a new concept for this side of the world for the aspect of understanding who the demigods are is more understood from the indian and tibetan perspective that the demigods are those souls who have power and influence in this lifetime

    thus as stallone plays out his true self on screen and has had to fight for his evolution and position in this life , naturally this still shows that stallone has his connection to his true self and ego thus the awakening of rambo is exactly what stallone needs in his life in order for him to go free .

    being a hollywood icon is one thing but when you are a soul from the upper planetary systems then with stallones gifts of writing and physicality naturally one has to be guided to a higher purpose and has to find a real meaning to the reflection of who and why one is in this position in this lifetime

    stallone is an old soul still reflecting his true self thus rambo and rocky are exactly what the mind of stallone needs in order to kep him close to his source of evolution

    rambo is what is needed for a new awakening for superhuman consciousness

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    paras skye


    The draft you are about to read is the explanation and meaning of wjho stallone is in relation to his characters rambo , rocky , judge dredd

    Asstallone plays a law giver and law breaker in many ways he is playing a spiritual warrior through themedium of a combat soldier , due to his actions having no selfish motivations or self interest other than to win a war that some else lost .


    The character “rambo” or the name of this character gives stallone the opportunity to show himself and the world his own pastlife reflections of character.the name rambo in india means “gods warrior”

    Due to the fact that “ram” is the incarnation warrior king” lord rama an incarnation of the hindu god krsna,”bo” naturally pushes one to the buddha in that the buddha gained his enlightenment under the “bodhi tree” in bodha gaya” in varanasi in india.

    This naturally reflects a lot about stallones spiritual practices in pastlife and maybe present life in that in the rambo 2 and rambo 3 movies buddhas are depicted in the jungles of vietnam and the monastary that rambo 3 is using as “rambos” new vocation by helping them build a temple.

    As much as the “name “rambo” may have come from a “bag of apples” to write a character for the book by david morrell, the hand of divinity when refecting pastlife benedictions of spirituality ,particuarly in this “age of aquarius the age of eccentricity” the hand of divinity comes through in unpredictable ways.

    In reality out of david morrells name you have four out of the five letters of “rambo” so naturally this reflecting his own pastlife links to india, tibet or southern asian countries.

    Naturally in david morrells name “rama =ram, (as in krsnas incarnation warrior king)as well as veda which is the indian scriptures of krsnas pastimes on earth” as well as the name of the tibetan teachers in buddhism “lama”

    The character “rambo” naturally from a pastlife perspective of stallones own personal character naturally mirrors itself into this life ,which is why stallones character roles are one man heroes for in his own personal psyche the rambo nature is still just as powerful as it was at a time when he would have been having to live the same way himself .

    For the period of time “astrologically” for stallone as his ascending constellation during the “rocky 1 and 2 films and first blood movie”, was in the motion of “karmic refection of capricorn and saturn”,

    Which naturally is the “ancient warrior” and in indian astrology this constellation and planet is known as the “yogi planet” which parallels with “siva the yogi” which if you look at the early period of stallones life from childhood through his early films and the nature of the films as they went into budget they were made on a shoestring and in austere conditions which was a test of endurance not just for the film character but also stallone himself ,

    As his karma was reflecting austerity, discipline ,maturity, responsibility to oneself which rocky ,rambo 1 all reflect this desparate need of self preservation and self protection, which is what both those films indicate.

    This reflects the saturnian and capricornian nature of beginning earth karma for both these constellations are born of the earth element which indicates basic and practical survival techniques

    Which in both films this was strongly aspected as a reflection of having to live on a higher instinct of consciousness , which as stallones personal karma was reflecting the earth qualities of living by instinct and the hunter mentality (rambo one) this naturally built the inner strength of survival nature which stallone had to find within himself not just to play the film part ,

    But to reflect his own personal inner strength of mind and body through the character he was playing which is only a mirror of his own pastlife natures and character ,so stallone was really playing himself.

    Or at least bringing a facet of himself to the surface so that he could begin to one burn through old consciousness and karmic residues and secondly he could create a mind which had a greater confidence of who he is in this life.

    The most important factor of seeing “john rambo , rocky , cobra , cliffhanger judge dredd” as all facets of stallones pastlife consciousness and character is by looking at his surname and breaking the name into three ,



    Naturally if you look at the characters and consciousness of those austere warriors or states of mind that stallone reflects on screen naturally his surname naturally mirrors the higher mind and true nature of stallones consciousness as he reflects this individual who lives up to the surname that stallone has in this life.


    Also the name spells “vest” which is all “rambo one” ended up in as he escaped the police station and also the “lester” which was one of the “first blood police characters” in the film ,on a more lighthearted note !ones name speaks many a story of past and future consciousness and events.

    The “first blood” film was made at a progression of “stallones karma” when hie had “earth constellations” aspecting his character which is as explained earlier why the austere nature of cold, no clothes, wearing wet clothes in “rambo one / first blood ” was such a strong feature as well as physical injury,

    So this film was the character building and inner strength that stallone needed to build his own personal confidence to continue his development as a lone wolf character in order to mirror his name “SLY /HUNTER WARRIOR STALLONE / STA ALL ONE/ STA ALONE” in order to build his own mind and consciousness.

    As the progression of “stallones” ascendant and karma astrologically went into”aquarius” this being an “air” constellation naturally brought a new “rambo 2″to the surface which naturally had a sunnier warmer climate, had reflections of the eccentric nature of “aquarius” with “buddhas” appearing in front of “rambo” in the jungle reflecting stallones pastlife spiritual consciousness ,

    Being filmed in a supposed south asian country as in vietnam, another reflection to stallones pastlife wanderings, the soldier who looked over stallones file in the base hanger in the beginning and spoke of his medals ,and origins, as in “INDIAN / GERMAN” descent

    This naturally reflecting either” india indian or native american indian” either way india reflects through stallonees pastlife link to “the buddhas in the film , and the name rambo as in ram / lord rama , and the country vietnam” .

    The native american aspect linking to some aspect of one of stallones past life regressions which was made public, but again the warrior aspect coming through either way coupled with the spiritual aspect in the form of the “buddhas and the monastary” which was aspected in “rambo 2 and 3”

    So the “aquarian karma of stallone” in these two films naturally brought the “air mind of aquarius” to the surface as in “helicopters ,weapons, gun ships”which naturally expressed the science and technology of the “aquarian mind”

    Which was reflected through stallones karma in his progression of his ascendant as well as his “sun constellation” which was in “leo” which is the physical ____expression of its higher mind aquarius” which as both of these are “fixed constellations” naturally this explains why when you look at the consciousness of “rambo” he has this one track dimension of achieving his goals and objectives.

    Also another aspect of seeing the “eccentric nature” of stallones karma through his progressed ascendant was the “necklace” that he wore in the film after the vietnamese freedom fighter girl was shot at the river,

    This showed the esoteric nature and heavenly aspect of “aquarius air mind” being expressed for stones and crystals are planets which have exploded their karma / lifespan and natural atoms particles /meteorites come to earth eventually ,which is why the jade necklace “rambo” adopts is a piece of the heavens which mirrors the “aquarian nature of higher thinking ”

    Another aspect of “stallones name mirroring the lone wolf” was as the vietnamese girl in “rambo 2” asked him to take her to america his detached reply of “yes” reflected the “physically and emotionally” detached nature of “aquarius” and as she gets killed a moment later,

    This again indicating how “stallone / rambo” as characters seem to have a karma of being individual in their standing and “staying alone /stallone” as a mind and consciousness

    For “spiritual warriors rambo =gods warrior” are lone wolfs which is the call sign “rambo uses in the interrogation by the russians” “lone wolf calling wolf den” again the “aquarian nature” reflecting this very independant invincible mind and character.

    Also the packaging company of the videos were called “universal” which mirrors the age we are in as well as the “stallone aquarian karma”

    so this explains “stallone and rambo” as characters ,but explains them as a mind consciousness and pastlife character which has carried that karma as a warrior into the present and future.

    All the films that “stallone” made in the eighties all had that flamboyant air of “aquarian uranian” energy for in “cobra” one of the bad guys he is after says in one line “this is the way of the new world” which symbolises “the aquarian karma” of stallone as well as the rising of the “aquarian age”,

    Also in “rocky four” the whole film was based on the “now super rich and able to buy all the gadgets balboa” which mirrors his own personal aquarian karma dueto the gadgets and scientific structure of the film ,with toys electrically for his child, the music of theme coupled with the superfast cars, the glossiness of colour the film radiated,

    The universal anthem of trying to unite the world or russia and america at the end of “rocky four” which as much as this was a script ,the “stallone aquarian karma” reflecting out a spiritual message through the script of a film ,which is the true “aquarian mind” of humanitarian concern.

    Also the name “rocky” again mirrors the “fixed mind of stallones progressed sun in leo and aquarian ascendant” which have a one track train of thought due to the fixed karmic reflection.

    The name “balboa” reflects the word “bala which in india means spiritual power” the word “bo” which naturally links to “rambo” but also the name of “buddhas place of enlightenment “bo dha gaya in india” and the ancient name of “scotland which is alba”

    Which is the home of the celtic warriors such as the character “william wallace aka braveheart” so stallone reflecting the “warrior nature” through his screen actions through two personalities of similar nature.

    Naturally in another way of seeing “stallones nature of universaltility” was through his “aquarian nature giving him that ability of truly being at that period of progression of his karma the universal warrior”

    Which is why he would at the end of “rocky four and rambo 2 and 3 ” he would give this “spiritual message” of humanitarian concern which was the reflection of his own personal need to speak peace to the world and not just through his physical action.

    “Stallone due to pastlife good spiritual karma” was able to spread the name of god through his character rambo” for “ram/lord rama” is the “warrior king incarnation of krsna over 5000 years ago.

    As this name also contains the “planet mars” which is the “warrior god planet” in the earth planetary system , naturally this reflects the true nature of “stallones / rocky /rambos” consciousness throughout this period of karmic reflection .

    May this give you a clearer understanding of stallone as a personality, character and consciousness .

    May this also show you how the pastlife consciousness of an individual has the ability to express itself into the present and future, this continuity is more seen through fixed karma constellations which are “taurus ,leo ,scorpio, aquarius” which continue all karmas from pastlife into presentlife.

    May this also give you a chance to see how the hand of divinity works in their own subtle ways to keep the spiritual karma alive not just individually but collectively as a whole for the universe.


    The new film rambo 4 will bring stallone out into his own self once again and allow his true soul nature and ego to reflect itself which when you are a demigod to have a character like rambo within you at times this shows the need to bring it out and allow him to flex himself .

    the rambo 4 film wil bring stallone into the modern world and this will give him a new challenge in that as much as the aquarian age gives technology when the war needs heroes and not machines and computers ,

    then rambo supercedes all technology with the onwe man action of blood and guts and supreme intuition and courage , so rambo in this film will be in amongst his own people who still cannot support him with all the technology , so the barechest and knife are on show once again

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    the film rambo 2 is the beginning for stallone to show that rambo is more than a broken man of war . stallone is rambo as much as rambo is stallone , rambo is the soul nature ofstallone . gods warrior is another way of seeing rambo a man who finds buddhas in a jungle in vietnam who finds that his own people betray him

    hence why the rambo instinct of single mindedness is how rambo reflects himself in each situation. rambo is a man a soul who has been tortured in past life as well as this life hence why the back and shoulders are covered in scars which symbolises the past life and the chest which symbolises the future has just as many scars.

    rambo is a soul who is destined to transcend his past life karma of dependance on the outside world ,

    hence why his first blood film reflects a mans journey / karma being shown to him that the futility of surviving in hostile territory as america considering the attitude of his own people left rambo in a no win situation of hunting the town until he had got his revenge on the police force and showing his true self.

    rambo the mission is the beginning of stallones new life as a freedom fighter without the attachment to material support or dependance on others as in the army or fellow soldiers hence why his army friend in first blood was killed by cancer.

    this is why rambo was put in a prison just to balance him so that he could find his stabilityof mind and emotion ,

    thus the few years he spent on his own taught him about self reliance and the true nature of his own nature .

    when he gets the mission to vietnam naturally this is rambos final test as he rescues the pows naturally this makes rambo realise that there is nothing left in america , for they still do not respect their own people even in a war zone .

    this leaves rambo in a position of being dependant on his own instincts and god . hence why rambo walks away from thailand into the jungles and meets monks who give him shelter so he can build a new life rambos life of hell in first blood was to give him the final understanding of letting go of the past physically and attaching to himself hence the mission in rambo 2 .


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    The meaning of the Film Highlander is to tell the story of the journey of a Soul who has come from the Liberated Realms of the Spiritual Universe or Causal Ocean of the Material Universe

    This is the true meaning of the the word Highlander for as the Song and Poem reads

    ” I take the High Road you take the Low Road and I be in Scotland before Ye”

    This means the Soul which takes the High Road will be led to Liberation and Freedom away from the Ignorances of the Material Body.

    Whereas those that Walk the Path of the Low Road naturally will walk the precarious road of attachment to all that is outside of themselves and eventually will be led to the paths of ignorance which will lead one away from the Path of the Lord.

    This means that Scotland as a Geographic Mirror of the Spiritual Universe due to its barreness of People , Towns and Gross Metropolis Nature puts this Part of Britain in Ancient Understanding as the Place the Soul Natured People , for Scotland is the Higher Mind of Britain

    Whereas those that live in the English Longshanks Parts of the Country naturally seek to gain from the Metropolis of this World.

    This is the reason why the Film Highlander is Typifying a Journey of the Soul as it evolves out of the Gross Nature of Material Consciousness which is why Connor Macleoid was turned away by his Clan

    This is due the Resurrection of his Body after the Clan Battle in which he gets killed by Kurgen a Lower Astral Deity naturally to those of an Ignorant Mind thought he was in with Lucifer which naturally put him out in the Hills of Scotland as an Outlaw and Beggar.

    The carrying of his Own Cross naturally was His Own Soul as this Highlander is as they say in Tibetan a Bodhisattva which is a Soul and Consciousness which is Liberated from Material Illusion and all Body Consciousness ,

    This is why in the Film Highlander you see him banished from the Village of Glenfinnan which is where Macleoid lived , this was the time of the Awakening and Gathering of the Liberated Souls on Earth be that Demigods or Demoniac

    As they Manifest for the Gathering the Film speaks of the Quickening this is at certain times and periods in History where Souls that are sent from the Heavenly Planets and the Spiritual Universe are formulated together here on Earth to finally challenge the Dark Forces which come through from The Lower Astral Worlds 7 Below Earth and the 28 Living Hells which are below the Last Lower Astral Planet Patala

    The Planets below Earth namely 7 Lower Conscious Planes are made up of the Dark Forces which come through from the Black Holes , Bermuda Triangles, Drains and All Demoniac Natures which are manifested through those that Live in the Dark Realms of Consciousness here on Earth

    Naturally those that live in the Dark Worlds are Natural Channels and Mediums for the Lower Astral Forces to Channel their Mind and Consciousness through.

    This is why you see in the Film Highlander where Macleoid is in a wrestling match in a stadium and you see him withdraw into the Inner Worlds where in his Sanchita Consciousness he sees the Clan Wars he fought 500 Yrs before

    This is his foundation as to why he has the Gifts and Skills of his Fighting Prowess of a Swordsman, the Nature of his Own Abilities are shown in that Clan War that as a True Highlander as a Soul Nature he is still finding his Own True Nature, for as he goes into Battle against Kurgen he is wounded in his side through Lack of Sword Skill in how to Defend Himself

    This just shows that as a Soul in a Physical Body which has come from the Spiritual Universes he has to be Free from the Ignorances of those around him in order for him to rise himself above the Ignorances of his Own Body Consciousness.

    This is naturally shown in a later part of the Film when Macleoid and his Wife Heather are together in the hills and Ramirez played by Sean Connery, leaps with his horse over the top of them

    He says to Macleoid , that he has been sent to help him and he begins to explain to Macleoid that he has to let Heather go . Macleoid does not understand this and Ramirez trys to explain that he is one of the Immortals that have been sent from the Spiritual Universes in order to fight the Demoniac Dark Forces here on Earth.

    Ramirez explains to Macleoid that he has been sent on a Mission in order to collect the prize of being the Immortal One which is Free of the Attachment and Ignorance to this Planet.

    To understand this Film one must look at Souls like Ramirez and Macleoid as Saviours of the World in that they have a Consciousness which is Free of the Material Perspectives and Attachments

    They are Souls which have been sent to Earth to Perfect Themselves and to Free Themselves of the Residues of Sanchita and Prarabdha Karmas and Samskaras which sit within the Material Consciousness and Mind.

    Those Souls which have the Do or Die Nature are usually Souls who have the Ability in this life to overcome the Material Mind and its Fears to Death etc ,so this is how they gain Liberation from the Material Consciousness through Transcending the Lower Astral Sheath, the Annamaya Kosa and Pranamaya Kosa The Body and Mind

    This means that they are able to Live in Austere Conditions and go through the Trials which are Part of the Journey to Liberation which is why you see Ramirez and Macleoid on Loch Sheil rowing a boat which sees Macleoid standing in the boat

    Ramirez gradually Rocks the Boat and says to Macleoid , That you have No Manners, You Smell like an Animal, and you have No Realisation of your Potential or Skills,

    At this point Ramirez rocks the boat and Macleoid says he cannot swim, which at this point Ramirez tips the boat and Macleoid falls overboard, Ramirez says You cannot drown your Immortal .

    At this point you see Macleoid swimming in the water seeing that he can breathe and walk in water. Thus this proving that the Soul of this Character cannot be destroyed in Physical Life or by Fire , Earth , Air and Water , in other words Macleoid is beyond the Modes of Nature

    This means that he has the Journey in this Lifetime through which he has the Ability in this Lifetime to Transcend the Remaining Residues of Body Consciousness and remain in the Soul and Transcendental Nature of his Vijnanamaya and Anandamaya Kosa which are the Higher Astral Mind and Soul Nature of Light.

    This is why the Sword of an Individual represents his Soul and the Blade is his Mind for the Sword is in the Shape of the Cross which shows in that the Individual has The Four Elements at his Will , The Four Directions at his Feet and he can see that he is made in The Four Sheaths of Body , Mind, Emotion and Soul

    The Film Highlander is a Film which reflects the Journey of Macleoid and Ramirez Two Liberated Souls who have been Sent Through the Ages to Transcend Their Own Personal Karmas,

    But also to Fight the Dark Forces through the Fighting Skills Physically they have or through the Unique Faith Spiritually and Unique Mental Abilities that they have which allows them to Remain on Top of the Material Nature which surrounds them,

    These Souls are Guided by the Planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto and are always Moon People , for the Moon is the Reflection of the Soul, so those that live this Journey of Destroying Ones Karma Materially . They will always have a Strong Influence of Pluto which is the Destroyer of all Old Residues of Material Consciousness

    This is why those Souls that are living the Ramirez and Macleoid Lifestyle they are guided by the Moon which due to its Transparent Consciousness this is why these Peoples Abilities are Extreme particularly in their Intuition and Perception .

    For these Souls are Guided by an Inate Wisdom which has Travelled the Ages which Instinctively knows what is happening even while its still only a Thought in Someones Mind.

    This is The Path to Liberation for those Souls who are guided through the Northnode which is the Souls Physical _____________________________Expression which is where the Souls who have a Guidance from the Spiritual Realms are worked through in Karmic Purification.

    For the Karma of all Individuals is naturally channelled through the Planetary System which naturally through the Natal Chart at Birth, the Rising Planets be that through the Ascendant House 12 th / 1 st House Cusp will naturally reflect the Nature of Personality and the Nature of Consciousness that the Individual will reflect be that in a Physical or Mental Way.

    The Planets at Birth naturally are the Reflectors of the Physical , Mental and Emotional Karmas that an Individual has to live through in this Life , so naturally each Individual has the Nature of Each Planet and Constellation within the Personality and Psyche of his Consciousness depending on the Karma that the Aspects will Reflect.

    Thus the Planets at Birth will be the Channels that the Individual will reflect his Karma through so this naturally will be shown through a Souls Spiritual Awakening which is a Gradual Awakening through the Various Planets which naturally reflect the Karma the Positives and Negatives of Ones Past Life Consciousness.

    When a Soul is Guided through the Living Hells of the Personal Material Karmas of Sanchita and Prarabdha Karmas of Ancient and Present Past Life , naturally as those Personal Karmas are Dissolving naturally one for the First Time has the chance to see the True Nature of one which is the Soul

    As the Personal Planets Karma Sun Through To Saturn begins to leave Ones Consciousness which means that the Person has an Inner Peace for the first time in many Lifetimes , for the Living Hells of all Pastlife Residues are what cause the Confusion, Fears, Doubts , Illusions, Delusions, Fragmented Understanding of Ones Philosophy and of the Meaning and Purpose of Life.

    As the Residues of all Karmas of all Past Lives comes to its Complete Demise naturally this will leave the Person in a position of feeling empty for the first time in this Life as well as from other Lifetimes, for the Consciousness which is the Storehouse of all Karmas and Samskaras in the Impressions or Memories which are stored in that Deep Subtle Mind or the Immediate Daily Mind

    This is the Sanchita / Deep Subtle Mind of Ancient Memories and Prarabdha which is the Surface Mind of Immediate Preoccupancy of Daily Thought .

    When a Soul is given the Freedom to destroy all Past Karmas and to be Free of all Illusions of the Conditioned Mind and Consciousness , this naturally means that the Person will be in tune with the True Nature of their Inner Psyche or Soul Nature.

    This is naturally reflected through the Amount of Planets which will sit in One Constellation called a Stellium which means that the True Nature of an Individual is shown through this Stellium of One or More Planets in One Constellation

    This naturally will reflect that in this Life that the Personality and Character will reflect the Qualities of this Constellation through which he will live his Karma out in this Life and that is how we see the Nature of Karma of who an Individual is in this Lifetime through the Stellium of Planets

    Through studying the Moons Placement in Constellation with its Ruling Planet and Element as well as the Karma that through the Study of the Group be that Cardinal Beginning , Fixed Continuation, Mutable Dissolving Karma, for the Moon is the Reflector of the Souls Nature

    Thus this with the Northnode which is the Souls Destiny and Physical Personality and Protector , so the study of an Individual as he burns his Karma out , for this is shown through the Personal Freedom that a Soul has in this Earth Planetary System

    Naturally the closer an Individual gets to Burning Out his Personal Karma through the Purifying of the Personal Planets in his Chart, naturally he becomes more attuned to the Moon and the Northnode which shows how Pure in Consciousness and Mind that an Individual is becoming as a Mind and Consciousness.

    This is why when we look at those that play the Superheroes of the Earth Worlds such as Rambo, Braveheart, Highlander, Mad Max , Terminator

    These Souls are typifying the Nature of a Soul and Mind that has been Sent Here on a Mission by God or through the Heavenly World which they come through from as in the Causal Ocean or Higher Astral Plane which naturally shows that they have a Fixed Unfinished Karma from a Pastlife

    If they are from the Heavenly Planes or if they are from the Spiritual Universes then naturally they are handpicked as a Soul who is already beyond the Physical Planes of Consciousness which is why they will have Wisdom and Knowledge and Strength of Character which is the Strength of an Army

    This is why those Souls which you see running through the Jungles or Highlands are able to Survive the Extremes Heat , Cold etc due to their Highly Realised Consciousness being Elevated Beyond the Body of this Physical World.

    Due to the Mind and Consciousness being Free from the Physical Illusions of this Planet , this means that those Souls have a Mission on this Planet which will take them into a New Realm of Consciousness which means that the Physical Body becomes a Channel for the Soul,

    This is why in the film Highlander when Ramirez and Macleoid are in the Market Place and Heather , Macleoids Wife is flirting with a New Dress .

    Ramirez says to the Infatuated Macleoid that “You must let her go Macleoid My Brother ,for She is not part of your Mission and Losing Her will hurt you more than You Realise”

    Ramirez then explains the Loss of His Own Wife a Japenese Princess some many hundreds of years before.

    Thus this piece of advice that Ramirez gives Macleoid , upsets His Emotions which is why Ramirez said it would hurt, for those Souls which are here to Liberate Themselves from the Material Consciousness of the Lower Astral Sheath , naturally have to Relinquish this Attachment to External Companionship

    For this is the only way that the Soul can free itself of the Past Life Residues within the Consciousness which have Travelled the Ages in the form of Samskaras Impressions / Behaviour Patterns of a Deeply Ingrained Nature .This is why Macleoid walks away angry and Heather looks in concern knowing that a Change is Immenient.

    The Purpose of Souls which come on a Mission to Earth is to give Knowledge , Wisdom and to Free those of a Less Able Position .

    This can only come about when that Soul is Free from the Anava , Karma and Maya of His Own Karmas, meaning Anava = Impurity, Karma = Actions, Maya = Illusions meaning that the Impurity of Ones Actions comes through the Illusions of Ones Mind and Attachments

    The Films that you see of the Super Heroes are Mere Specs of the Magnitude of a Soul who is Destined to be a Superhuman Soul of a Universal Warrior Consciousness , for those Souls such as Rambo etc are Gods Warriors which is why they carry the Name of God in one facet or another, a list is below of examples,

    1/ Rambo caries the name of Lord Rama Krsnas Warrior King Incarnation,

    2 / Ramirez carries the name of Lord Rama as well like Rambo the name of the Warrior Constellation Aries its Animal the Ram which also spells the Planet Mars the Warrior Constellation Planet of Aries

    3 / Highlander carries the Name Hare and Radhe which are the Names of Krsna in the Form of the Lord Supreme Hare and Radhe which is the Female ____________________________________Expression of Krsnas Energy, High being The Realised Mind .

    4 / Braveheart carries the name of Ave Maria , Heart being the Centre of Life as in the Soul , Heart being the anagram of Earth which sits in the Middle of the Planetary System or Heart of the Universe .

    5 / Macleoid carries the Name of the Constellation of Leo which is the Lion which is the Leader of the Pack

    This explains why Macleoid was banished from Glenfinnan in the Film , so that He could Develop his Skills and Liberate his Soul . In India the Half Man , Half Lion Incarnation is Lord Narasimha which the Protector Deity of Krsna, Simha is the Indian Name of Leo

    This emphasises that fact of Protection that the Lion gives also Macleoid spells Cloud as in the Heavens which again Enforces the Nature of where the Soul is Coming From and Where he is Going To,

    In Native American Macleoid tells this story Son of the Sun Cloud that Roars like the Lion

    Mac means Son of / Nic means Daughter of , in Scots Gaelic

    In the sense of being a Liberated Soul in a Physical Body also Mode as in an Element of Nature or as they say in the Modes of Nature Goodness , Passion or Ignorance

    Thus when we look at this State of the Pictures that one Sees in this World , the Great Superheroes that Man adores are only Reflections of what their Soul is capable of if it was not restricted through their Uncontrolled Mind and Senses.

    This is why when People watch these Films they get an Adrenalin Rush for this Rush is due to the Souls need to be Free from the Tabernacle of the Body so that it can get its Liberation from the Bodys Restrictive Wants and Needs

    For the Purpose of why Highlander had to let go of Heather was to get him to See Beyond the Limitation of Living his Special Life through Another and Attaching to Conditioned Thinking through his Uncontrolled Mind and Consciousness . This is why Macleoid got angry with Ramirez when he was asked to let her go

    For Macleoid had gone into that Consciousness of Just Living for the Body and Enjoying the Senses that the Mind sees as Pleasures.

    This is why when Ramirez and MacleoId are in Training you Begin to see the Change in Macleoid , for his Warrior Soul Nature begins to take over his Body Consciousness and this naturally begins to show in his Fighting Skills and Prowess of using a Sword which is symbolic of The Soul , as well as the Mind being the Blade which must be Sharp at all Times.

    You see Macleoids Prowess as a Soul come to Fruition when they are on the Rock in the Cuillins which was Filmed on The Isle of Skye , when MacleoId wins over Ramirez in a Duel and his Sword flies over the cliff

    This is the Sign that Macleoid is now Fully Combatant and Ready as a Swordsman as well as a Soul to take on the Might of the Lower Astral Forces Namely Kurgen.

    This Story of Good / Evil is only the Same Stories which you can read about in Krsnas Pastimes when Krsna came to Earth 6000 yrs ago about the Power of the Soul overcoming the Ignorance of the Lower Astral Forces.

    This is all this Film is Portraying in its Reflection of showing that there are manySouls which are Sent to Earth who are either Bodhisattvas , Bodies of Light and Goodness who come to Earth to Teach in One Form or Another

    Liberated Souls who are able to Absorb the Karmas of the World and Purify the Ignorance of this Planet through their Teachings , Examples of Living , Actions and through the Absorbtion of being able to Remove the Obsticales of those around them

    Due to the Pure Heart which Resides within they are able to Give Blessings out through the Divine Connection which they have unfolded from their Soul . As well as the Power that they have been given in order for them to Walk the Earth so Freely in order for them to do their Mission.

    This is why those Souls that have this Mission which is to Liberate Themselves out of the Ignorance of his World are usually Single , Unattached and Live by the Graces of Divinity, which is why their Powers of Intuition , Perceptions and Physical Prowess are on a level which is Guided and Supported through the Power of God and the Soul .

    They are Attuned to the Saying There is Method in Their Madness which means that they are Attuned to the Planet Uranus which is why they live an Eccentric , Unpredictable Life which is why they are Detached Materially from the World

    They are a Ghost, a Soul Walking Through Time and Space but without a Material Direction Completely Focused on the Spiritual Goal of Liberation.

    These Souls will usually have what is termed an Intimidating Presence which is due to the fact that they are made of Soul and not Body , they are made to Attract and have the Power of Magnetism, Charisma , The Power of Presence, The Power to Command Attention,

    This is why The Power of these Souls are Inspiring for they are Completely Guided by the Higher Astral Intelligence which will Guide the Body through its Material Karmas and Guide the Soul through to where the Northnode and Moon will be the Dominant Feature of Elemental Reflection of Material Nature.

    This is why in the Film Rambo 2 , you see Stallone / Rambo in a Jungle with a Vietnamese Freedom Fighter Girl, She says to Rambo would he take her to America to Live The Quiet Life Instead of Living in the Hells of War .

    Rambo in the Detached Sense says Yes , this makes the Girl Happy , as they get up leave the Girl walks first out into a clearing where she is shot Rambo would have been behind her , but went back to get his Arrows

    As the Soldier runs away who shot her, Rambo comes out and picks up her Gun and starts Firing at the Vietcong , The girl dies .Rambo then in his Mind sees another reason for Revenge .

    Thus this situation keeps the Liberated Soul of Rambo in a Liberated Mind , in that Rambo has a Physical Karma with this World which is why he carries his Weight of Sleeping Bag and Equiptment on his Left Side of the Body

    This is the Physical / Emotional Nature of Karmic Reflection. and all Knife Throwing and Punching, Kicking is done with the Left Hand / Left Leg , hence why he has a Physical Karma with the World through a Physical Soldier being brought to the surface.

    So this is why Rambo left America as he says to he Girl early on in the Film , that America after the War had a War going on in a different way . It was a War against those Souls and Soldiers who fought in Nam

    A Quiet Cold Shouldering of Responsibility to the Hearts, Minds and Emotions of these People which is why Rambo was pushed around the Country of America to show him that the People did not care for those who had spilled Blood

    That is why he had the Girl taken away from him , for she was in the Conversation in the Jungle sent as a Test on his Attachment to America and the Simple Life of Conditioned Thinking . This is why she was shot so that he would Continue his Journey to Liberation of Mind and Soul and not be Tempted to Live in a Country which was Hypocritical to its Beliefs.

    That is why when you see Rambo in the Beginning of the Film Rambo 2 he is running in a Jungle when he comes across a Grove of Stone Buddhas , which is a Sign of Protection and a Sign that He / Rambo carries the Name of God as in Lord Rama and is a Soul on a Mission a Gods Warrior .

    This is what Rambo means = Gods Warrior, Ram as in Rama, Bo as in Bodh Gaya the Place where Buddha Gained his Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree , Bodhi means Goodness as in Bodhi Sattva A Perfected Being.

    This is why the Girl gets Shot, Rambo stays in the East which is the Home of God , Krsna , Buddha, you see him in Rambo 3 Stick Fighting to Raise Money for the Monastary that he is Building with the Thai Monks

    Thus this showing that Rambo is a Liberated Soul Protected by God which is why he has that Power Spiritually as well as Physically to Complete the Mission in Afghanisthan,

    This is why when you look at the Soul Nature of Stallone he is only playing out Facets of His Own Soul Nature of Pastlives , particularly those from the Sanchita Consciousness of Antiquity which is why Rambo , Rocky and Stallone himself have this Strong Yogic Austere Nature which is reflected through his Films as a Personality and Character.

    Also the Name Stallone speaks of the Liberation of Soul in that Stallone = Sta All One or Sta Alone which reflects the Journey that Stallone took himself Materially and his characters Rocky , Rambo are reflecting in their Life Story as a Soul on a Mission in this Life .

    So the Souls that are Portraying the Warriors of the Universe are Souls from the Heavenly Planets which as mentioned reflects its Material Opulence in its Own Way.

    Those Souls such as the Bodys in the Form of Stallone all have a Connection to God through their Films and Personal Lives and due to their Souls coming through from the Heavenly Worlds,

    Naturally they will Receive Benedictions Spiritually due to Past Lives where Spiritual Karma was Gained which balances the Opulent Material Life in this Life.


    1/ Stallone gets his Spiritual Benediction through Rambo Glorifying Krsna and Buddha in an Indirect Way through the Characters Role of a Warrior going into Buddhist Terrain, hence the Statues of Buddhas in Rambo 2 and 3.

    2 / Stallone gets his Spiritual Benediction in Rocky when he asks a Catholic Priest to give him a Blessing before his Fight and then Crossing himself in the Ring before the Bell.

    3 / Christopher Lambert who plays Highlander gets his Spiritual Benediction through carrying the name of Christ in his Name as well as the Word Lamb, which indicates a Child of God.

    4/ Mel Gibson gets his Spiritual Benediction in the Form that in Braveheart he gets to hear Latin Prayers said for Murron at her Grave and gets to Cross himself a few times during the Film and as he is Awaiting his Own Death as Wallace in the Tower , he looks to the Heavens to Ask God to give him the Strength To Die Well

    In his Latest Film About Jesus Christ his rememberance is shown of God also Gibson is a Sept of a Clan Name

    So Braveheart being a Reflection of Mel Gibsons Own Past Lives as a Clansmen of Scotland , as was his portrayl of Macbeth .

    As Mels Soul being from the Heavenly Planets he was able to play a Hero which is the Nature of Souls from those Realms of the Universe that they are Gifted Talented and if born with a Strong Mars Aries / Scorpio Pluto Nature / Karma then they will reflect the Hero on a Battlefield Nature,

    This is due to the Consciousness and Imagination of those Souls from the Heavenly Planets they are able to Expand a Huge Picture into Reality on the Earth Planet.

    Those of you that received the Draft on Stallone and his Astrological Reflection titled Rambo and the Aquarian Nature / Or The Meaning of Stallone and Rambo as Characters will read his Nature in more Detail.

    The Spiritual Benedictions show the Physical Rememberance by the Mind and Body of God which the Soul and Consciousness carry through from Lifetimes when the Soul was more Spiritually Inclined in its Karma and Reflection.

    Thus the Quickening and the Gathering in the Film Highlander naturally speaks of the Close of the Ages which is why the Film Typifys the Last Days of Earth

    In the Vedas Krsna speaks that he will come as Kalki The Avatar on a White Charger to save the Faithful and Kill the Demons at the End of the Age of Kali the Age we are in now This Ends in 427 000 yrs

    This same reflection can be seen through the Bible in the Revelations of Armageddon and Judgement which is the End of the Age of Kali , it is said a Hero on a White Horse will Appear to Save the Loyal and Devoted .

    Thus this is why the Aquarian Age since it truly manifested itself over the Last 30 yrs with all the Technology etc but more so of the Universal Warriors as Above Portraying the Roles of Gods Chosen Few

    This is why as much as this is Entertainment to the Media Mind , the Truth of these Films typifys that God is Sending Souls from the Spiritual Universe to Stabilise the Worlds Gross Material Nature

    For as much as the World Attaches to the Gross Matter for its Security, the World as it Suffers also Seeks Answers to its Suffering which is why Rare Souls that are Sent from the Spiritual Platform or from the Brahmajyoti and Causal Ocean at the Top of the Material Universe

    They are sent to Earth due to their Purity so that they can Absorb some of the Negative Karmas that the Material World Omits through the Liberated Ones absorbing the negative vibrations of Earth , they then use this energy in a more productive sense to Create Wisdom and Sanctuary

    This is why the Films of Rambo etc are the Reflections of those Rare Souls and their Battles on Earth mainly through the Astral Planes ,

    For as we are in the Aquarian Age which is an Air Age , the Demoniac Forces

    are more in the Atmosphere where they can Enter the Minds of People and Influence their Consciousness through the Media, Food, Books etc

    Hence why Physical Warfare is now not so much an issue , it is more reflected out as a deterent as a means to control the masses as they do in Russia , which is why in Rambo 2 , Rambo says Tthat he always saw The Mind as the Best Weapon .

    This just typifying the Aquarian Age and the Astral Forces of Mental Karma being the Energy of War due to the 24 hours a day Communication and Electricity in the Atmosphere and not Hand to Hand Combat

    This is why this is not an Age of War Physically particuarly as We Entered The Aquarian Age in its Pure Sense 6 Years Ago on the Total Eclipse in 1999 on the 11th August at 11.11 am

    The Number 11 being one of the Spiritual Master Numbers next to 2, 11, 22, 33 , 44, 55 , 66 , 77, 88, 99 and 1 and 1 make 2 which is equal to the Moon which is the Soul

    Thus a New Beginning for the Soul of Man on Earth with The Sun and Moon both in Leo at the moment of Eclipse , the Eclipse symbolises the Conscious Ego / Sun being Freed of its Lower Natures of Physicality and given its Higher Mind of Aquarius / Leos Compatible Sign

    This is why the New Age Healing of the Ancient Mind of Aquarius is so Powerful , for as much as Aquarius the Age has brought Man into Science and Technology and the Plastic Age , The Ancient Mind as Aquarius goes the Opposite Way to the Rest of the Planets .

    In other words Uranus the Ruler of Aquarius Orbits on its Side , the Rest of the Planets Orbit Left to Right on their Axis and Base West to East , Uranus Orbits North to South , hence why Aquarian / Uranian People live a life Opposite to the Flow of Man Made Creation

    So since then Wars are now on the Mental and Consciousness Level which means that the Age of Aquarius is the Age of Self Realisation which is why the World suffers more Mentally and Emotionally and why People are going Mentally Insane through an Overly Polluted Consciousness of World Absorbtion

    As well as the Personal Karmas that one has to deal with the Mind and Consciousnss in this Day and Age is Polluted to a Point of Overspill which is why People have become Robots for they are not able to see their Inner World due to the Mind and Consciousness being Polluted with Samskaras of the Modern World

    This leads them away from the Sanchita Consciousness which is more Soul Natured due to its Mind which Seeks the Ancient.

    Thus to Sum this Film and all I have written up to a Total Perspective of Realisation, we are in an Age where now the Universal Consciousness is around , where Instant Karma is a Guiding Force , where Reactions Karmically are more now rather than being Delayed to Another Life

    The Films Highlander Talk of the Quickening and the Nature of Man in his Unfolding of his Soul Nature as he Liberates Himself from the Complexities of the Mind and raises Himself into his Soul Nature to become a Mind of Liberation which seeks to Transcend the Lower Self of Physicality.

    These Films may be Entertaining and tell a Story of Mans Destructive Tendencies on Earth, but more Importantly they tell a Story of the Soul and Consciousness as it Fights to Defeat its Own Demons through the Physical War that it Fights Outside of Itself , hence Rambo etc,

    The Earth Planet is a Battlefield which is why Man puts his Mind Outside of Himself and He ends up with a Physical Hand to Hand Combat Situation which is why the above Films are typifying the Soul as it Fights to Free itself of Old Karmas and Consciousness from Time Immemorial .

    The Martial Arts on the Physical Level typify the Mind as it tries to correct itself in its Illusory Thinking and this naturally is the only way that God can Teach Man the purpose and meaning to life through the Power of the Media

    The Films of the New Age tell the Story of how man has to overcome the Biggest Demons with inside of him so that he can see the Light which is why God gave another Test to Man = Testament

    Through the Morman Philosophy which speaks of Christ in the South Americas spreading the Gospel to the Warring Tribes the Nephites and Lamanites after his Ressurection,

    This is why God has given Man the Understanding of Life and its Direction through Religious Direction, but now this has extended through to the Use of Media using the Ancient Dharma to reflect this through the Power and Medium of Technology and the so called New Age Techniques which are Corrupted Old Age Remedies and Thoughts spoken with a Few New Words with a Dollar Sgn in Tow.

    The Media is the Medium through which God talks to Man of the Truth of Life which is why more Soul Bound Films are coming out of Hollywood

    For this was in Ancient Time a Sacred Grove of a Great Spirituality which would have been a Holywood .

    The Spiritually Opulent Places which Radiate True Light of God are now radiating Material Opulence through the Reflection of Money , hence why Stonehenge an Ancient Spiritual Site is having its Spiritual Wealth corrupted to Material Money Tourist Making.

    Mayfair , Kensington , Knightsbridge in London once Great Places of Spiritual Wealth , now corrupted to Monetary Gain of Opulence.

    Hence the name Mayfair / Celtic Pagan Site for May Day Dancing / Morris Dancing which links to the Morrison Clan of Stornoway on the West Coast of Scotland , Knightsbridge indicating the Knights Templar and Royalty hence the Richness of the Area Now

    The Knights Templar were Celtic High Priests and Teachers of the Monastic Order as was King Arthur and his Knights .

    All the Rich Sites of the Modern World were once Great Places of Spirituality , the Energy of the Chakras of these Places now radiate the Corruption of Mans Mind of using the Lower Nature of the Planets and Constellations.

    This is why the Film Highlander , Braveheart , Robroy typify the Ancient Nature and shows the Power of the Soul and Mind which is the Ancient Mind of this Age of Aquarius ,

    Showing Man his Inner World of where Life begins , in relation to showing Man the Power of The Ego through the Technology and Materialism that his Ego has Created in the Last 21 000 yrs Since the Last Age of Aquarius Inspired Man to reach for the Heavens .

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