Settle In






3 responses to “Settle In”

  1. Spencer Avatar

    The long humiliation anyway…. ugh.

  2. Geoman Avatar

    …not if we can get these boobs out of office…tho’ I think in the long run they’re doing a pretty good job for a reason or reasons for why you vote for anybody else…

  3. gary Avatar


    Pennsylvania is in danger! Tomorrow the PA House of Representatives will be voting to ADD an Ohio & Texas style “Marriage Protection Amendment” to the states constitution!

    Obviously, we in PA have got to do whatever we can to drum up support and work to defeat this repugnant and hateful piece of legislation.

    So I am turning to you and your considerable readership for help.

    If you are from PA, or know people in PA please direct them to this link so they can tell their representative to vote AGAINST HB2381!

    I apologize for commenting off topic, but I was sure you would want to help!

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