Senator George Allen Cautions Criticism of Condi

Sen. George Allen (R-VA) said his Democratic colleagues should “be careful” when criticizing Rice for making false statements about the war in Iraq lest they “diminish Dr. Rice’s credibility in capitals around the world.”

But she really is a lying sack of crap.






3 responses to “Senator George Allen Cautions Criticism of Condi”

  1. kc Avatar

    So, let’s see. Colin Powell tried to sell the UN a line of patent bullshit. Bush and his administration spent months wildly overstating the threat posed by Hussein. Rice herself lied repeatedly, and lied in the 9/11 Comission’s face, and everyone knows it.

    And GOP Senator Allen is worried that criticizing her documented lies will diminish her credibility in capitals around the world? He needs to be worrying about what this administration has already done to trash America’s credibility.

  2. Jeffrey Avatar

    Credibility? What credibility?

  3. palochi Avatar

    What is it they say… something about if you tell a falsehood enough times to the masses, it will become truth?

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