SCOTUS Rules Against Shackled Defendants

The Supreme Court, brushing aside warnings by two justices that it was jeopardizing courthouse safety, ruled Monday it is unconstitutional to force capital murder defendants to appear before juries in chains and shackles.

Why not just have them sitting in a goddamned electric chair?






2 responses to “SCOTUS Rules Against Shackled Defendants”

  1. H Avatar

    I guess we will see even more of this kind of thing – and this was a guy who was shackled and on his way to the courthouse. Imagine how easy it will be to get a gun and shoot up the people in the room without shackles.

  2. no milk Avatar

    i think that if there is a known danger, then precautions should be taken to increase security. however, i’m not sure that you have to put the defendant in shackles. aren’t guards enough?

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