School of Rock

A little bitter this morning because I didn’t get enough sleep (someone call
the wah-mbulance). We were up watching School of Rock. There’s
a hand ful of ‘family movies’ that actually have enough quality and depth that
I won’t mind sharing them with my kids. School of Rock is one such
film. Jack Black is unabashedly frenetic and inspiring all at the same time…
from a art-freak point of view the big point of the film is Enjoy the Process.
That yeah the Big Show is a great thing but to truly Rock Out – in whatever
your medium or venue is what keeps the heart of rock and roll (and life) still

And the kids are fantastic. Where true-blue Hollywood asshole execs would give
us a whitewash of bowl-cut moppets (is there no other haircut in the Hollywood
child oeuvre?), all of these kids have personality and talents. I always like
movies that gives us kids with real personalities (one reason I think Malcolm
in the Middle
is so successful). Each one is given enough cameo time with
Jack – and the camera, notably, allows the screen to be shared quite lovingly
with the kids and Black. Contrast this to a Michael Myers mug-fest where every
inch of the screen is slathered with his over-baked schlep-schlok.

Black reminds me of my buddies Alan, Ted and Matt – gifted actors that have
the ability to totally live a subject or role. I can’t explain why Jack doesn’t
come off as a total ham – I think it’s his heart. It’s the old Stanislavksi
warning: ‘Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.’ But the word I
keep coming back to is unabashed. I love that word. Being totally honest, authentic
and enthusiastic about what turns you on, off, around or up.

I may just have to go buy a copy of The Wall – or at least park Chili Peppers
on repeat. (I’ve been listening to Virgin Radio UK – I feel so continental –
I don’t mind commercials when they’re not directed at me – and everything sounds
so much more continental with British accent – even traffic reports)






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