saturday, september 23

from Bruce

Your comments hit the nail on the head, at least regarding my “bisexuality.” You couldnt have expressed it any better when you said that women still make your hormones carbonate. This applies to me so aptly. I like beautiful things, and that includes beautiful women AND men. I have always seen myself as highly adaptable and experimental, and that includes sex.

I dont look at men in a sexual way. Believe it or not, never have. Rather, I tend to feel a sense of admiration and companionship toward certain quaities in certain men, esp. those who I think look good or have a strong sense of confidence/sexuality. My relationships with women have alwyas been very complicated. I truly think what attracts me most to the gay lifestyle is the no-BS-get-down-to-the-friends/sex approach, no feelings, no emotions (well, at least for me).

At any rate, I think your comments are most honest and accurate as far as bisexuality is concerned.






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