San Fran Granny Grrls Tie the Knot

firstgaycouplemarried.jpgThe world ended yesterday as the mayor of San Francisco married a lesbian couple in an act of civil disobedience. Del and Phyllis have been together for over 50 years. The decision to challenge marriage laws was taken late Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle said, and city workers spent Thursday morning altering official marriage forms to reflect the change.

Oh my gosh! Are they not the cutest old ladies you’ve ever seen? I want to sit under a tree in lawnchairs with them and drink highballs and watch the world go by. I bet they KICK ASS at Bingo. (Sam, I ripped off your pic if that’s alright)

del_phyllis.jpgNote to conservative congress assholes: how many of you have been in a committed relationship for 50 years. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Update: These two ladies are warriors in the women’s movement and GLBT rights movement. I’m even more impressed. They’re not just sweet old ladies. They’ll kick your ass for equal rights.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon: Legendary Women

Del Martin
and Phyllis Lyon: Partners in Love and Activism

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2 responses to “San Fran Granny Grrls Tie the Knot”

  1. David Avatar

    Not only are these cute old ladies they are courage personified. They have been fighting for gay rights since before many of us were born.

    Check out Chapter One of Dvid Mixner’s book Brave Journeys.

    Eat your heart out GW!

    What a wonderful and beautiful thing, However, You knew San Francisco couldn’t let Massachuttes have all the spotlight. 🙂

  2. Andy Avatar

    Thanks David – I dug just a little deeper and posted an update!

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