Russel Crowe: American Asshole

The way Russel Crowe acts to ‘the help’ makes me think he must have gotten his American citizenship. Beating up subordinates and being a general prick to everyone – sounds like us to me!

I always hate when talented people are jerks and I’ve often been told to cast a great performer that has an ego reputation. My theory has always been that life is too short to work with assholes. If I wanted that kind of abuse, I’d go back to a cubicle job.

Aside: Did anybody catch Family Guy last Sunday when the dad beats the hell out of Jimmy Fallon screaming: (paraphrasing, if anybody has the exact quote pop it in the comments)

I hate how you look at the camera and laugh at yourself everytime you were on Saturday Night Live! You think you’re Carol Burnett? You’re not Carol Burnett!

Or something like that. I always find it appalling when the actors on SNL are so obviously reading their lines. Are they too busy doing drugs to actually be professionals?

Other laugh-in: Steven Colbert on The Daily Show mentioning that one reason for the slow progress to Mother Theresa’s canonization was the release of Momma T’s Gone Wild 6: Calcutta Nights. Oh it was a groaner!






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  1. Richard Bluestein Avatar

    I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon.

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