Ron Paul

I am so goddamned sick hearing about Ron Paul. I think his fans are doing a dis-service to his campaign by excreting his name on every forum and bookmarking site you can find.






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  1. Brandon H Avatar
    Brandon H

    At least if he were President he might remind you of your boyfriend when you hear his name mentioned on the news.

    (Just trying to find the silver lining. Thank God he has a snowball’s chance in hell)

  2. Thomas Avatar

    I totally agree with you on this one. All I ever hear is how he is different and not “corporate”. I keep wanting to sit down and write my anti-Paul manifesto, but each time I try I just get a headache. I mean where to start? Besides, I doubt all the R.P. Digg folks are going to actually get off their butt and vote.

  3. Bill1954 Avatar

    RON WHO? Why would you be so gd mad at hearing him mentioned? He has no chance of winning at all, so what’s the big deal. He’s cute as hell though, so keep him on TV. HA!

  4. Nick Avatar

    Are you kidding me? People are “excreting” his name as you say because most people still havent heard of him. If you HAVE heard of him and are still willing to write an Anti-R.P. Manifesto then you got serious issues. THIS IS NOT A RON PAUL WEBSITE. It is a website that shows the stances that canidates take on all the issues and shows quotes/stories from each canidate on each issue. After looking at the alternatives its easy to be willing to ‘whore’ out R.P’s name in order to achieve something for once in the white house. Go ahead, write a anti paul manifesto and then go vote for hillary or obama. But when we’re in a worse situation in the middle east then we are now, dont cry about it. And dont be upset with the trash you voted in.

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