Ron Injured Mid-Flight

The flight Ron was on encountered sudden turbulence and the plane flipped 90 degrees three times. He injured his knee and was taken to the hospital and another flight attend had her head cut open. They dropped so fast the beverage cart hit the ceiling. He’s on crutches now and is coming back from Denver today. Probably going to pick him up. He said people on the flight thought they were going to die and there was coffee everywhere.

Doctors said just severe bruising and maybe a strained ligament. I’m going to attempt to guilt him into keeping his cast on as long as recommended and using the crutches for sympathy flirts in Castro.

I think he’ll be fine. He’s grounded for a while though.






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  1. Maryam Avatar

    Poor dear! I am sending my warmest, fuzziest sympathy hugs and soothing shades of his favorite color of light. And cookies. Lots and lots of cookies and happy coffee. 😉

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