Right-Wing Blogs Attack Downing Street Memo Authenticity

Hoping to do a TANG/Rathergate repeat, conservative blogs are harping on rumors that the Downing Street Memo/Minutes might not be authentic.

ThinkProgress has a takedown:

The conservative blogosphere, desperate to discredit the Downing Street Minutes, is abuzz with the ridiculous rumor that London Times reporter Michael Smith – who broke the DSM story – used to work for Mary Mapes at CBS. It took me a grand total of one phone call to CBS to see if this rumor was true. The answer is no. The Michael Smith who used to work for Mary Mapes is not the same Michael Smith who writes for the London times.

When in doubt, attack reality. 






2 responses to “Right-Wing Blogs Attack Downing Street Memo Authenticity”

  1. kc Avatar

    Well, Michael Smith IS a very unusual name . . .

  2. stewart Avatar

    So true…reality, as well as free thinking and freedom loving Americans are under attack by liars who know exactly what lies they are telling. The good news…this fact is becoming more and more clear to ‘mainstream’ Americans. Remember those folk?…They all were God fearing, Bush supporting people not too long ago. Now the words and beliefs of these same folk are all treasoness in the eyes of the GOP and its neocons and their supporters such as FAUX News.

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