Republicans: Your Leaders Have Lied to You

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“This is something the rank-and-file right-wing hasn’t understood yet. They’ve been told the ideology they follow creates the jobs, they’ve been told they pay their own way, yet time and time again they have the worst record for job creation (the only states to have negative job growth in the last year are run by Republican governors) and they’re the ones that cause the debt increases. They live in areas of their state that take more than they pay in taxes, taking from the blue areas. They live in states that take more in federal taxes than they pay. Up until 2005’s tax year, only Texas was a red state that wasn’t a leech. But since then, and for the entirety of Obama’s presidency (which means during all their Taxed Enough Already protests), every single red state gets more in federal dollars than they pay in.

So I’m going to just say it. Followers of the Republicans: it’s not a complicated matter, it’s as old as history itself, your leaders have lied to you. Over and over again, they’ve just lied right to your face. Nothing speaks like results, and you can’t afford to ignore it any more. They keep feeding you lines, and you have believed every one of them, and reality shows the lines were lies.

Now: when one party in any relationship (it can be any relationship… be it personal, political, consumer, positions of trust), when that one side of the relationship lies consistently to the other side of the relationship, that’s the epitome of an abusive relationship. The liar doesn’t care about you; not then, not now, not in the future. So it’s up to the individual being lied to to either refuse to take any more of their lies… or choose to remain the patsy and stay with the lies and patois. Embrace the lies and the patois. Even repeat them, defend the liars and the lies.

All depends what type of people the followers are.

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