Okay folks: ‘no political blogging week’ is over! I’ve been adding stuff to this post all week!

Photo blog of Fallujah.

A medic’s letter from Fallujah:

I have just come back from Falluja. I volunteered for that mission and let me tell you that I think I will be a pacifist for the rest of my life.

Video The Vote – featuring the 2 most famous Republican election challengers in Ohio and Jesse Jackson: (Quicktime)

What would happen if 500 black people went into a white neighborhood to watch how they voted?

Frank Rich on the Red/Blue conflict:

Under this perennial “trick,” as he calls it, Republican politicians promise to stop abortion and force the culture industry “to clean up its act” – until the votes are counted. Then they return to their higher priorities, like cutting capital gains and estate taxes.

Florida Dem Senate candidate claims evidence of hacking/tampering with e-vote.

Dear Liberals: You Have 1 Week to Cry

Fantastic political cartoons.

A Tale of Two Osamas: Comparing CNN’s and Al-Jazeera’s transcripts.

Ex-military called up after 13 years out.

Re-election may cause plunge in dollar’s value.

The case for Tony Blair’s impeachment.

No – it couldn’t be gross mismanagement: Airlines blame fat people for shitty profits.

Read those lips: Here comes tax reform.

Man kills himself at Ground Zero.

Wal-Mart desecrates Aztec ruins.

John Edwards gets an early start on bringing his ineffectual charism to a presidential bid.

Some GOPs think Jeb should get ready for 2008.

Election maps and analysis:


Weighted cartographs.

Nader challenges results in NH

That’s Mr. Jesus to you: Southern Conservatism explained from the inside.

Canada pitches in: Marry an American

Dean considers DNC position.

Michael Moore gives reasons to go on.

Comparing DNC and GOP commercials.

Years later, the Supreme Court rules that the detainees maltreatment exceeded authority and dodged war treaties.

Global warming could make polar bears extinct.



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5 responses to “Release”

  1. RcktMan Avatar

    I am going to forward a speech that Larry Kramer recently gave as an address to the gay community. Blistering, eye-opening and painful as it is to read, it really is sadly true about the community we live in.

    Welcome back… I’ve been holding off too. It’s been hard.

  2. mark Avatar sorry everybody. Americans apologize for BUSH.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Thanks – I’d seen that – forgot that one!

  4. Orbicon Avatar

    I was complacent for a couple weeks. Now i’m angry again! Ugh.

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