Red Lake Rampage

I sometimes wonder what the record is from crime spree to splashy graphics on the news. I’ll always remember the immediate ‘Run Up to the War’ graphics before the Iraq war – totally dismissing any possibility that we might not go.

I immediately wondered what would be the blame for the school shooting.

The kid went online to frequent hate sites.

Blame the internet! Regulate the internet! We must stop the internet!

One more time: the internet is a decentralizaed, global network. You can’t just turn it off.

Any parent that rails on this, I want to ask them if they have the V-chip on their TV turned on.

Hate-sites don’t make kids violent. Hatred begins at home.

Kids can hate. They can learn hatred and violence without any media training at all.

And here we go round with the bullies-in-schools wheel – we hadn’t climbed on that since Columbine.

Protect the children. We have to pay more money to the security companies to protect the children.

Hey Culture of Life! How’s that assult weapons ban?






4 responses to “Red Lake Rampage”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    It’s also astounded how people tout education as the best cure for ignorance and yet the funded for education is constantly cut. There is also a desire to regulate entities like the internet and televion, but not support for other alternatives like Head Start and after school programs.

  2. Alan Avatar

    To paraphrase Dennis Miller (before he turned into a scumbag) “If your kid is capable of being pushed over the edge by anything on the internet, you’re just not doing your job as a f-cking parent.”

  3. Tim Avatar

    If you read the shooters live journal site, you can see just how much hatred he had built up.

  4. storm Avatar

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