Reconsidering the 2004 Elections

Debate on was the 2004 election stolen? 

Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again

  1. Extensive election fraud in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, West Virginia, Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey including Americans living abroad
  2. Pre-election in Ohio
    • OH Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (also co-chair of Bush/Cheney Ohio)
    • Tricks to reduce number of people that could register to vote
    • Limit the usability of provisional balltos
  3. On election day in Ohio
    • Undersupply of voting machines in Democratic areas esp. inner city and college towns
    • Functioning voting machines were kept in warehouses
  4. Post-election in Ohio
    • The Triad company went from county to county subverting the court ordered recount which never did take place
    • There never was a recount
    • 10% to 20% of hard line Democratic voters disappeared from the voter roll
  5. John Kerry told him personally that he now thinks the election was stolen
    • Kerry was swayed by his brain trust – scared of looking like a sore loser
    • Remember that Edwards four hours before had promised that they would count every vote
  6. Help America Vote Act mandates touch screen voting

Mark Hertsgaard, reporter for Mother Jones

  1. Contends the election wasn’t stolen – but agrees there is a lot of suspicious activities
  2. The story of Warren County election building lockdown
    • Yes, the FBI denied any such terrorist threat
    • Yes the county did say that the FBI had said there was
    • It is not true that the votes were counted in secret
    • In Warren County, reporters have never been allowed in the counting room
  3. Miami County story that 13K-19K votes disappeared after 100% precincts reporting
    1. A liberal Democrat who was involved said he didn’t see anything fishy
    2. Misreading the word reporting – a precinct is said to have reported once one vote in in from that precinct
  4. Recount in New Hampshire (paid for by Green Party) found totals were wrong
  5. Election stolen is plausible but a real investigation is needed






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  1. David Bonner Avatar

    I honestly dont think it was. Such things dont happen in this day and age.

    Try have a look at my site for some of my thoughts:

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