From: Andy
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:09
To: Heather
Subject: True Stoyy

How about if the developmnet server is down for 5 weeks because some f_ckwit
installed a patch without permission and it takes weeks to get the server
restored since it’s config files weren’t backed up – yes – you read that
right – we don’t back up our developmnet servers nightly. And how about it
you try and install server level Java JRUN and then realize we never bought
a support license for it. And then let’s take the October 14th ‘drop-dead’
date and not move it at all in response to these delays since it wasn’t our
side’s fault that the server went down – we can just ignore logic and keep
on the same schedule and then try and cram user testing of 50+ courses in
under 2 days and then surprise the business owners that they have to supply
testers with 4 hours notice to complete testing in 36 hours. And then let’s
repeat everything again next week in production since development and
production have never matched environments – rendering all of this weeks
testing moot.

F_ck this job.

Counting the daze.

From: Heather
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:21 PM
To: Andy
Subject: RE: True Story

O ma god!

You are working with/for MORONS.

Let me get this right:

No backups
DEVELOPMENT server is down for weeks?
No licenses?
No production testing?
AND production doesn’t = lab?

You truly win the WORKING FOR IDIOTS war. Congratulations. You’ll get a
purple heart, a gold star, and a brown bruise on your forehead from banging
it against the wall. With honors.






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